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Go ask Andy

GAYS MILLS - Hi there. Andy here (last name withheld for legal reasons) in for John as I have done occasionally in the past. John claimed he was “sick.” If I know him, and I do, he probably ate some of the gas station sushi, AKA fish sandwich, he likes so well, especially when it’s on special, which it is once a week. Got a case of the 12-hour flu no doubt. I wish him a speedy and complete recovery, and the wisdom to make his future lunch selections more carefully.

Glancing at the old mailbag, I see my advice is sorely needed again.  A Stewart (not his real name of course) wrote seeking some relationship advice. Seems he has a new girlfriend from across the county line. Finally got to meet the extended family at a recent gathering and felt a bit overwhelmed.

Stewart writes:  


All four of Tiffany’s (N.H.R.N. of course) brothers are great guys. They are also great big guys. They all work on the family farm and are corn-fed, strapping country boys. I don’t mean they’re overweight necessarily, but they all look like they could start for the Packers-on the front line of the Packers.   I’m normal sized guy, have a good job in town and feel intimidated by these guys.  Tiffany, by the way, is the only daughter of this family and is cute, petite, and helps her mom in the house.  What should I do?


Andy replies:


You’re probably a great guy, too. You just grew up in different circumstances. The “four horsemen” are probably intimidated by you. I suggest you join a gym, start working out and bulk up.



Kyle writes:

Dear Andy-

I have a problem.  I have a new WRX210 sound system. That’s right, the deluxe one, the Jumbo model. I sprung for the heavy duty 2100 woofer package and the extreme tweeter option. I run it through a home-modified amp system and my room is full of speakers. I have a New Wave power booster with all the bells and whistles of course. I’ve been having a problem with fade out on the high end.  It seems to be a real problem with heavy metal bands. The squelch is basically out of control. Your thoughts?  


Andy replies:

Kyle-I have no idea what you’re talking about.


Bob writes:

Andy-Why won’t my lawnmower won’t start?  


Andy replies:

Bob-Drain the old, varishy gas, clean or replace the air cleaner filter, adjust the carburetor. Fill with fresh gas, 93 octane, the good stuff, no corn ethanol.   Pull the sparkplug, clean and gap as needed. Remove the flywheel and reset the gap on the magneto after you have thoroughly cleaned it, using emery cloth, 300 grit or finer. Check to see if that little soft flywheel key on the driveshaft has started to shear and replace if necessary. Drain the oil and refill with a top quality 30-weight oil.   If it still won’t start, call the neighbor boy; tell him to bring his mower.


That’s all for now. Hopefully, John will be back next week.