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Badger Museum report
Shullsburg City Council
SHULLSBURG COUNCIL soaking in a microphone demonstration at their meeting, Feb. 21. Left to right are Marsha Einsweiler, Duane Wedige, Dean Goninen (Lifeline Audio), Emmett Reilly, Mayor Gloria Swenson, Cory Ritterbusch and Jim Paquette.

 Mary Bradley gave a presentation regarding the 2017 Badger Museum. Bradley said, “The numbers for 2017 are kind of disappointing, but I believe there is a good explanation.” The explanation is that Estey Street was closed for construction for a whole month. The attendance for that month was cut down by half. The other issue was that their internet was down and the museum couldn’t apply for a Square application.
    Bradley stated, “We continue to enjoy working at the Badger Museum and believe it’s a wonderful attraction that Shullsburg offers. Our visitors continue to express their enjoyment of the tours.”
    The numbers showed a slight decrease in total attendance, in 2016 at 791 and in 2017 at 688. The admission numbers were down also, from $5,139 in 2016 to $4,958 in 2017.
    Bradley said, “For 2018 we wish to position our museum as a quality institution. Our signs don’t reflect that feeling and can effect our image negatively.” Bradley produced pictures of three museum signs. The pictures showed the signs are worn down. Bradley has contacted a sign company and received a price for the three signs at $525. Some questions were brought up about the material the signs were made of. The previous signs were made from plywood and the new signs will be made from Medium Density Overlay (MDO) plywood. There was discussion regarding using plywood that would degrade again. MDO plywood is constructed to be weather resistant and not degrade. Alder Duane Wedige was insistent that the signs not be made of plywood. No action was taken.
    Another subject Bradley brought up was a donation of historic items the museum received from the Glen and Fran Matl family. Bradley said, “Two items stood out - two pictures that were drawn in approximately 1845, titled - “Early Shullsburg” and “Men working in Gratiot’s Grove”. Both pictures were taken to the Wisconsin State Historical Society for preservation questions.
    The Historical Society stated these drawings are very valuable and of historical significance. The Historical Society presented proposals for preservation treatment of the drawings at $1,470 (this will be acted on next agenda). Alder Cory Ritterbusch estimated the value of the drawings at $50,000 each. Wedige demanded to see the drawings before they went for preservation.
    Alder Emmett Reilly addressed Bradley, “I appreciate your work and passion you put into your work at the museum. The other comment I have to make, because I’ve had so much feedback is the valuable things from the museum that were sold at a Galena auction. We were told these were extra items that weren’t needed and later we found out they ware invaluable things of Shullsburg history. I have to give you that feedback.” Alder Jim Paquette said, “Let’s not exaggerate the situation, it was only one item.” Bradley explained the museum lost storage space and had no where to relocate the items.
    In other business:
    •Approved paying the bills for general, water, sewer, electric, pool, museum, library & TIF funds for $112,719. The stand outs were Alliant Energy - $74,297 and Election workers - $597. The motion to approve excluded bills from Shopping News - $356 and Larry Gobrecht (for clearing snow) - $450.
    •Approved purchasing voting crowd control apparatus for $1,100.
    •A microphone system that will amplify sound in the meeting room at the Townsend Center was demonstrated for nineteen minutes, with every conceivable question answered. The demonstration was conducted by Dean Goninen of Lifeline Audio Video Technologies of Platteville. The cost of the system is just under $10,000. No action.
    •Approved closing Water Street from Mineral Street to Judgement Street June 2 from 2:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. for a Car Cruise sponsored by Advance Shullsburg, Inc. Will also close Galena Street from Water Street to bottom side of the pool. Discussion about reconstruction of lower part of Water Street will need to be delayed until after 4th of July. Originally it was to be done before the 4th.
    •Approved a Car Cruise banner sign over Hwy. 11.
    •A motion was made and approved to NOT have a pedestrian path from Estey Street to the Parkway Development.
    •Approved a resolution (3-1) to vacate a portion of an unpaved public right-of-way of Carnak Clum (aka Carnak Clun). This will need to go to a public hearing for approval, then to the state.
    •No action was taken regarding a property Kingsley Crossing wants to purchase from the city. The property is under Kingsley Crossing’s current deck and the business wants to update that deck. Sandy Russell, owner, thought the property was own by Kingsley Crossing, but after a survey, found out otherwise. Alders stated it could be sold to Kingsley Crossing for $1. It was mentioned that perhaps the property was surveyed in 1970’s and not registere, more checking will be done.
    •Approve application for coin machines for both C & D properties (Miner Town Mart and Miner Depot).
    •Approved an operator license for Jason Eastlick.