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Campgrounds remain closed

DARLINGTON – Mayor Mike McDermott called to order the City of Darlington meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

Parks and Recreation Director Wade Berget told the council that the Park & Rec Committee pushed this to the city for a decision.

Berget filled-in the council on the campground situation. Gratiot and Shullsburg campgrounds are open, Lake Joy and Black Hawk and state run campgrounds remain closed.

Berget said, “If you do open our campground up, there would need to be restrictions in place. Such as social distancing requirements, one camper per lot, members from a camper should be from a single household, bathrooms and showers closed and playground equipment closed.”

Alder Dave Roelli asked who would enforce the requirements. Berget said himself and Darlington Police for backup.

Alder Dave Gough made a motion to review this at the first meeting in June. The motion passed 4-2 with Roelli and Goebel voting no.

Plan Commission

The commission approved building façade updates, windows and signs for a building located at 319 Main Street owned by Jeremiah and Ashley Kleiber.

A. Kleiber told the commission of the updates to the building she has planned (budget providing), including painting the building white with black trim and copper accent. An awning will be installed that will give the building a look of the building seen in old pictures. The name of the business will be LillyGENE Collective.

The commission approved building façade painting scheme for the building located at 301 Main Street, soon to be owned by Jared McGranahan. The paint scheme for the building is grey cloud with a blue door. The name of the business will be Booby’s Bar

Deb Pickett will be going off the board. Pickett gave an impassioned speech about the importance of the Plan Commission, especially with the Hwy. 23 reconstruction project looming in 2021 and 2022.

In other business:

•Approved the mayor’s appointments of committees, commissions and boards:

Committees for 2020 as named by the Mayor

Finance and Personnel: Mayor McDermott, Dave Gough, Steve Pickett and Ray Spellman; Street and Public Works and Solid Waste: Steve Pickett, Dave Gough, Dave Roelli; Water and Sewer: Dave Gough, Steve Pickett, Erin Gallagher, Dave Roelli, Ray Spellman and Josh Goebel; Property and Insurance: Dave Gough, Erin Gallagher and Josh Goebel; Policies, Procedures and Ordinances: Steve Pickett, Dave Gough and Ray Spellman; Cable TV: Erin Gallagher, Dave Roelli and Josh Goebel. (First name listed is the committee chairman)

Other City Officials are: City Clerk-Treasurer: Philip Risseeuw; Deputy Clerk-Treasurer: Amy Johnson; Director Of Public Works: Jeremy Williams; Chief of Police: Jason King; Recreation and Parks Director: Wade Berget; Wellness Center Director: Amy Prine; Librarian: Candi Fitzsimons; Assessor: Gardiner Appraisal Service; Attorney: William McDaniel; Building Inspector: Mike Reuter; Health Officer: Lafayette Co. Health Dept. and Weed Commissioner: Wade Berget.

Plan Commission: Mayor Mike McDermott, Dave Roelli - Alderperson, Ray Spellman - Alderperson, Jeremy Williams - Public Works Director, Kerry Black - 2 Years, Bev Anderson - 3 Years and Dave Meister - 1 Year.

Police Commission: Dave Roelli, Alderperson - 1 Year, Janet West - 2 Years, Stuart Vamstad - 1 Year, Dennis E. Murphy - 4 Years and Dave Blaser  - 3 Years.

Darlington Community Fire Board: Mayor Mike McDermott, Steve Pickett and Ray Spellman, Alternate.

Official Newspaper: Republican Journal.

Parks And Recreation Committee: Ray Spellman, Alderperson, Aaron Wolfe - 1 Year, School Bd. - 1 Year, Scott Heinberg - 3 Years, Jill Ringen - 3 Years, Stuart Vamstad - 2 Years, Mary Jane Sturtz - 2 Years and Leah Gollmer - 1 Year.

Library Board (effective to 7-1-20): Irma Wiegel – President, Brian Bennett - Vice-President, Lori Nodorft - School District Reg., Judy Whalen, John Taylor, Lawrence Hardyman and Erin Gallagher, Alderperson.

Zoning Board: Dick Tuescher – Chairman, Homer Evenstad, Keith Nichols, Steve Brunkow, Nick Johnson and Tim Hastert – Alternate.

Citizens Participation Committee: Steve Pickett, Kyle McCarville, Erin Gallagher, Scott Heinberg and Steve Winslow.

Board of Review: Mayor McDermott, Philip Risseeuw, Keith Nichols and Steve Pickett.

Tourism Commission: , Angie Thuli – Chairman - 1 Year, Pete Patel - 1 Year, Steve Winslow - 1 Year, Marilyn Hill - 1 Year, Judy Boll - 1 Year and Suzi Osterday - 1 Year.

Banks Or Depositories And Investment Institutions: Associated Bank – Darlington, First National Bank at Darlington, Town Bank – Darlington, State of Wisconsin Local Government Investment Pool and Wayne Hummer and Co. Inc. For Investment In U.S. Treasury Securities.

Historic Preservation Commission: Dave Roelli, Chairman - 1 Year, Kerry Black - 2 Years, Steve Brunkow - 2 Years, Suzy Osterday - 1 Year, Joan Blaser - 3 Years, Angie Thuli - 1 Year and Marilyn Hill - 3 Years.

•Approved a Declaration of State of Emergency. This has to do with future claims connected with Covid-19.

•2020 Swimming Pool season discussed. Will be readdressed the end of May. Possible to open July 1.

•Approved an agreement with Vierbicher Associates to provide a comprehensive outdoor recreation plan update.

•Alcohol beverage licensing fees were discussed. The current fee charged to local taverns for a full liquor license is $500. It was mentioned at a previous meeting by Josh Goebel that the current environment for bars in town is pretty tough right now.

Clerk-Treasurer Phil Risseeuw noted that these notices were sent out in April and some have been returned and paid for.

Goebel made a motion to charge half of our normal fee for liquor licenses (for one year) and refund those that have already paid. Second by Alder Erin Gallagher.

Alder Steve Pickett said, “I think this should go to the Ordinance Committee because that committee governs the fee schedule. If we’re going to have committees they either should function or not function. If we’re going to change an ordinance, it should at least be looked at by the Ordinance Committee.

The motion was voted down 4-2 with Roelli, Pickett, Gallagher and Spellman voting no.

Gough made a motion to send it to the Ordinance Committee for a review and recommendation – approved.

A Policies, Procedures and Ordinances meeting was held Mon., May 11, the results of the meeting are unknown.

•Approved a request to apply for a Dept. of Justice for a School Violence Prevention Program grant for Holy Rosary School. The funds would be used for a duress alarm system and would cost $16,000 with no cost to the city.

•Approved a request to apply for an AARP Community Challenge Grant to pay for several semi-permanent radar speed displays that would alert drivers of their speed. The outfit costs $3,000 each and mobile displays costs $8,000.

•A handout was reviewed from the absent Director of the Darlington Chamber, Angie Thuli regarding Chamber/Main Street room tax income and expenses.

•Approved vouchers for March 2020 at $290,141.

•Approved Feb. 28, 2020 financial statement for the City, Water Dept. and Sewer Dept.