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City learns of planned improvements to northside roads
Boscobel City Hall

BOSCOBEL - Residents on Boscobel’s northside will get welcome relief from potholes and deteriorated roads in 2023. The blocks near Town and Country Sanitation, around the intersection of Airport Road and Chestnut Street are up for resurfacing, according to Mike Reynolds, City Engineer/Director of Public Works.

Reynolds presented initial estimates for the work to Boscobel Common Council at their March 20 meeting.

Heavy truck traffic keeps the streets in a constant state of decay, and citizen complaints are frequent.

“When we did those streets, we didn’t know what would be developing on each side of the street as far as extending water and sewer,” Reynolds said in a phone call.

As a temporary measure, the city put down a double sealcoat, which gives the surface about three-quarters of an inch thick, he said. That’s no match for the industrial trucks running multiple trips a day. “It just doesn’t hold up to heavy loads like what’s being used on it,” Reynolds said.


Reynolds offered the council some preliminary estimates, based on recent projects, in anticipation of actual bids in the near future.

A contractor would cost approximately $184,477.00 to complete the project, while city crews could do the same job for about $149,800.00.

Funding would come from a variety of sources: County matching funds ($56,000.00), a Local Road Improvement Program Grant ($9,130.00), and a one-time special assessment to cover half the cost of new curbs and gutters ($17,760.00).

Remaining costs would be covered by the city’s capital fund, which was primed last year by a million-dollar bank loan.

Grimesey retirement

Long-time city employee Vicky Grimesey has announced her retirement, and the council has accepted her resignation “with regrets.”

“She’s been here a long time, she’s done a heck of a job, and she’s going to be hard to replace,” said Reynolds. Part of Grimesey’s duties were to serve as his executive assistant. She also oversaw inspections and zoning administration.

Grimesey started at City Hall 25 years ago, at the end of this month. 

Other business

In a meeting that lasted less than 30 minutes, the board also heard updates that:

• Logging the city-owned lots in the Pine Shores estate should net perhaps a couple-thousand dollars.

• Work is progressing on the boat landing, and the completion date remains Memorial Day.

• This year’s street improvements will also include Wisconsin Avenue, which may result in downtown disruptions.

• Interviews for the open position on the police department are ongoing.

• Spring cleanup day for 2023 will take place on May 20.

• The board also approved the mayor’s appointment of Roger Thompson to the Board of Public Works.