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Council approves an easement for American Transmission Company
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DARLINGTON – The regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Darlington was called to order Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor David Breunig. This meeting had been cancelled at two previous attempts, due to lack of quorum.
    The American Transmission Company (ATC) was present, asking that the city approve an easement, west of lot 24 in the Darlington Business Park. The easement is needed to construct/install overhead and underground transmission lines that will energize the new Red Bird Substation owned by Wisconsin Power and Light Company. The substation is located south of Nature’s Gifts and west of Scenic Rivers Energy Co-op.
    Julie Hanson, ATC representative, said, “The easement is for a 30 foot wide easement that will have a powerline running 600 feet, from Hwy. 81 into the new Red Bird Substation, which is owned by Alliant Energy.”
    The agreed upon compensation for the easement is a one-time payment $8,100 and will be in affect indefinitely. The city, by unanimous vote, approved the easement. The city also approved waiving a second appraisal.
    The council discussed the Wisconsin DOT meeting, which was held Tuesday, Nov. 15. Breunig stated that the residents in attendance, through a show of hand, selected alternative A, which is the WDOT preferred option.  Alternate A allows for an eight foot bicycle lane (east) & twelve foot parking lane (west) - $159,261 and of course includes two, twelve foot traffic lanes. No parking on the east side of the street.
    Alder Steve Pickett asked if the bike lanes can be used for ATV’s and Rangers. After discussion, it was thought the bike lanes would be multi-use. After more discussion the council approved alternate A. A resolution will need to been presented at the next meeting.
    It was brought up that nomination papers for the Spring Election were available. The three alders that are up for reelection are David Gough, Donald Osterday and Felix Pereza.
    The city’s assessed values were presented by Phil Risseeuw, clerk-treasurer. The city’s 2016 real estate assessed value is $100,348,800, compared to 2015 of $98,417,800. The total city assessment is $103,853,500, which is up $1,455,000 from last year.
    At the Water and Sewer Committee permission was approved to allow Jason King to install a wastewater holding tank on his property. The property is a good distance away from the current city sewer lines.