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County board approves three resolutions
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    The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors approved the only three resolutions on their meeting agenda on Tuesday night, March 18.
    The first resolution increased the surgical technician position from part-time to regular full time at the Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County.
    The resolution stated that this was done in order to cover the additional volume that is now being staffed by registered nurses at the hospital.
    The employee who currently fills this position was working eight hours per week at the rate of $14.46/hour and then worked the other 32 hours as a health unit clerk and that her insurance status will not change.
    The resolutions also stated that this change could result in additional savings by using a surgical technician versus a registered nurse.
    However, the fiscal note on the resolutions said that this change will incur approximately $20,700 of unbudgeted wage and fringe expenses for 2014, along with a vacancy in the regular part-time health unit clerk position and that filling the vacancy could result in unbudgeted health insurance expenses of up to $11,200, depending on the health insurance coverage selected.
    The board also approved, after amending, a resolution regarding a supplemental pay adjustment for the extension secretary IV position at the Lafayette County UW-Extension office, for additional duties the position has taken on due to the absence of a 4-H/Youth Development Educator within the department.
    The resolution originally stated that the position would receive a $1.50/hour pay increase until a new 4-H/Youth Development educator begins employment, however Supervisor Leon Wolfe made a motion to amend the resolution to offer a one time flat fee of $2,500 for the past additional work and any future additional work as well, which was seconded by supervisor John Bartels.
    The vote on amending the resolution was eight to six with supervisors Ted Wiegel, David Halloran, Bill Moody, Connie Hull, Ron Niemann and Wayne Wilson voting no.
    The board then voted on approving the amended resolution with the result of three to 11. Supervisors David Halloran, Connie Hull and Ron Niemann voted no.
    A resolution of support for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) 2014-2018 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) award cycle was also approved during the meeting, after a motion to suspend the rules in order to approve the resolution on the first reading was approved.
    The resolution states that Lafayette County supports the pre-scoping and second-round TAP application submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the 2014-2018 award cycle.
    The application is to construct and pave the Platteville to Belmont segment of the Pecatonica State Trail.
    The resolution also stated that Lafayette County recognizes that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation reimburses project sponsors for the federal share of 80 percent of the approved TAP project costs, up to the limit of the federal award amount.
    Due to the minimum 20 percent match requirement, Lafayette County commits to securing those matching funds.
    According to the fiscal note of the resolution, if Lafayette County is awarded this grant, the 20 percent match is estimated to be $156,800 and will come from a combination of funding sources including Lafayette and Grant counties and the DNR. Lafayette County’s portion of the 20 percent match will be included in the 2015 and 2016 budgets.