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Criminal arrests down in Boscobel
Drug arrests on the rise
city crime down for web

The number of arrests for aggravated offenses like burglary, battery and domestic violence in Boscobel are down dramatically since 2011, according to Police Chief Todd Stenner.

“Aggravated offenses have dropped dramatically, especially our burglaries, and I’m knocking on wood that continues,” Stenner told the Common Council Monday.

Arrests for aggravated offenses in 2011 totaled 125, compared to 38 last year. Leading up to that, there were 101 aggravated offense arrests in 2012, 75 in 2013, and 53 in 2014.

Drug arrests

On the other hand, drug arrests are on the rise, especially since K-9 Bosco joined the force in May 2014. The good news is that heroin arrests are down, contrary to what is happening nationwide.

“The dog has definitely made an impact,” Stenner said. “While heroin arrests are down, meth is on the rise. Now we’ve got our local cookers, and they’re not very good at it, evidenced by recent meth-related fires in Fennimore and Platteville. You’re getting some pretty novice people trying to cook their own meth, and I’m afraid that’s only going to increase.”

Stenner cited a crackdown on methamphetamine distribution in Iowa—Dubuque in particular—for increasing the amount of local meth manufacture, usually the volatile “one-pot” method.

Last year the Boscobel Police Department recorded 103 drug-related arrests. That compares to 69 in 2011, 61 in 2012, 93 in 2013 and 92 in 2014.

“I’ve got a great group of officers who are doing an outstanding job,” Stenner said. “I couldn’t be more proud of them.”