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Darlington WWTP gets As and one D Grade
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 DARLINGTON – At the Darlington Water and Sewer Committee meeting held Tuesday, June 7, 2016 Jeremy Williams, Director of Public Works and Dennis McPhail, Waste Water Treatment Plant Supervisor, presented the 2015 Darlington Wastewater Treatment Facility’s Annual Compliance Report that is filed with the state. The report was all A’s, except for the Influent Flow and Loading section of the report, which garnered a D grade.
    Alder John Sonsalla asked, is the new cheese division at Wisconsin Whey Protein the culprit in this lower grade that we received?” Dennis responded, “Yes, they were a major contributor.”
    McPhail explained our treatment plant is designed to treat 612 pounds of BOD per day. Anytime we reach 90% or over our design limit we get added points against us. It’s a tool the DNR uses and it helps the city recognize future problems. We are getting close to our design limit.
    BOD is a acronym for Biochemical Oxygen Demand and is defined in the city’s ordinance’s as the quantity of oxygen utilized in the biochemical oxidation of organic matter in 5 days at 20 degrees C., expressed as milligrams per liter.
    McPhail said, “There are some issues at the waste water treatment plant that should be addressed. Such as the sludge storage is becoming a problem because of the load we are receiving. We’re at our sludge capacity right now. Our pre-treatment system is outdated and it should be updated. However the effluent (outflow) numbers are great, our plant is doing its job. “The outflow numbers are great, so our treatment plant does great,” Williams said, “it’s just the incoming load that’s the problem.” McPhail added, “I don’t know how we’re doing it, but were doing it.”
    Alder Steve Picket asked the question, “Is the Whey Plant’s cheese division aware that they are sending us high levels of BOD’s?” Both Williams and Dennis said the Wisconsin Whey Protein plant is aware, they are paying some surcharges (fines) and right now they are treating their waste better.
    Bruenig asked, “What can we do, without doing a major overhaul to reduce our BOD limit above 612 pounds of BOD?” Williams answered, “The addition of another oxidation ditch and another clarifier to increase our hydraulic capacity. If you are going to do any more recruiting of new industry, the treatment plant will have to be updated.”
    Another item is to update the bar screen. Our bar screen was designed for high rate of I & I (Inflow and Infiltration – rain water). We have eliminated so much I & I (with recent work done on the storm sewers) that we could be using something much more efficient.  The bar screen is 37 feet below ground, so that’s an issue.
    Upgrade’s were discussed. No prices are known at this time. WWTP will be looking at more ideas to reduce BOD’s. Alder Don Osterday, said, “I think we need to start looking into upgrades and getting some prices for the treatment plant.”
    The committee brought up another subject – lead pipes. There is a grant right now to replace all laterals in cities in Wisconsin. Williams said, “This was just announced. We are aware of it. We don’t have many lead pipes in the city, what we do have are all on Main Street and then sporadic.”
     The report was approved by the committee.
Council Meeting
    The regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Darlington was called to order at 7:00 p.m.
    A current renter in the city’s Municipal Building, Darlington Child Care Center, had requested to rent additional space. No one was present from Child Care so the item was tabled.
    Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (a Federal entity) is interested in renting an upstairs office from the city for one day a week, starting July 1, 2016. The rent offered is $80 per month. The council approved this, with a contract, as long as when someone else comes in and wants to rent the entire upstairs, the city would be able to remove the renter.
    The council approved the Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Applications, as a group,
    Next up, bids for sealcoating the bicycle/walking trail in the city. Bids were received from Midwest Sealcoat, LLC - $8,400.00 and from Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, LLC, Wuanakee - $8,468. In addition to the walking trail, the two firms bid on sealcoating the north parking lot of the Municipal building. The Park and Recreation Committee recommended Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, LLC, the council approved the recommendation.
    Doug Lindstrom, Parks and Recreation Director, informed the council that he filled up the pools over Memorial Day weekend. The big pool was balanced and ready to go as soon as it warms up. It was discovered the baby pool has a leak in the underground pipes. The baby pool would lose 750 gallons a day. To operate this summer, they will put a balloon stop in the pipe to stop the leak. Then in the Fall the city will need to fix the leak properly.
    A temporary ATV route was approved on Cornelia Street, so ATV’s and Rangers could travel from the trail to the fairgrounds for the Canoe Fest weekend.
    Approved the May 2016 vouchers, 2015 Compliance Maintenance Report and Resolution 2016-05, Compliance Maintenance Resolution.