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Donation given for pool repairs
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SHULLSBURG—A generous gift by the Gehrt family will make the wading pool project possible this spring.
At the Dec. 21 city council meeting, the Shullsburg City Council graciously accepted the gift of $26,107.47 from Wayne Gehrt of Shullsburg. Gehrt requested that the money be used to match the anonymous donation of $25,000 to repair the wading pool in Shullsburg. Any excess money would be set aside and designated by Gehrt’s family for a future city project.
The wading pool adjacent to the swimming pool has been in need of repairs.
“I think it’s needed,” Gehrt said. “It’s where kids start out swimming. I think it will get used… If it’s new, it’s going to make a difference, too.”
Mayor Tom Lethlean said he talked to the anonymous donor and the $25,000 donation for the pool is still available.
“At this point in time, I believe we have the funding to cover 100 percent of the pool,” Lethlean said.
Lethlean said he feels the project can get done in the upcoming summer. The project should cost less than $50,000.
Three options described last year were estimated to cost $35,350, $45,916 or $42,810. Lethlean said he questions the first option because of the aspect of putting in new plumbing, which could cost more than anticipated. He recommended the first option should include removing and replacing the deck for $7,460.
Gehrt said there are some conditions that go along with the donation. He wants to be involved in the design process, have the renovations completed and the pool open in 2012 and he and his family would like to place a plaque on the wading pool at the completion of the renovations.
The donation was unanimously accepted with thanks from the council.
“I think it’s great. Thank you Wayne,” alderman Dan Spillane said.