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Finance discusses dialysis build out and Argyle Clinic
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LAFAYETTE COUNTY - A Finance Committee meeting was called to order by chair Gerald Hiemann at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018.
Dialysis Build Out
    Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County (MHLC) Administrator Julie Chikowski came to the Finance Committee to ask the committee to increase the amount being spent on the dialysis build out project from $294,000 to $380,000.
    The original plans and resolution called for a four-exam room and a two person waiting room at a cost of $294,000. Miron Construction of Middleton proposed a five-exam room and four to five person waiting room at a cost not to exceed $380,000.
    Chikowski stated the extra room would generate over $600,000 in net revenue per year. A motion was made and seconded to approve the new plan for the dialysis build out at $380,000. Approved. This will also need to go through County Board.
Argyle Clinic
    The committee discussed the Argyle Clinic. The Hospital Committee is depleting the funds of Argyle Clinic to pay for other projects, such as the dialysis build out. Because of that residents were thinking MHLC was going to close the Argyle Clinic.
    Committee member Larry Ludlum stated, “There is a lot of concern in the Argyle community that Lafayette County isn’t interested in having a clinic in Argyle. We want to eliminate those rumors. At this point the committee is searching for land to purchase in Argyle that will be used to build a new clinic.”
    The current Argyle Clinic is not able to become a Rural Health Clinic, according to Chikowski. A goal of Chikowski is to make all the clinics Rural Health Clinic status. After a property is found Chikowski will return to the Finance Committee and ask to borrow funds for the real estate and building in Argyle. The goal is to make this happen by 2019.
    Committee member, Tony Ruesga asked if the Hospital Committee will be doing a cost comparison between buying land and building new and taking the current clinic and reconstructing it to fit the criteria of a Rural Health Clinic. Chikowski pointed out the difficulty would be serving the current Argyle Clinic patients when the reconstruction of the current building was being undertaken.
    Becky Taylor, Lafayette County Treasure gave a report that included sales tax, bank balances and a summery of long term debt. The bank balances listed in three depositories: State of Wisconsin local government investment pool - $42,859 receiving an interest rate of 1.21%; Clare Bank Account - $3,663,382 at .44% and Clare Bank Money Market - $1,808,254 at .60%. For a total cash on hand of $5,514,495 at the end of Dec. 2017.
    Taylor then talked about .5% sales tax that the county receives from the state. Dec. 2017 - $73,847. The year-to-date numbers are – Dec. 2017 YTD $974,793 compared to Dec. 2016 YTD - $840,078.
    Total long term debt at the end of 2017 is at $5,324,386. The treasurer’s report was approved.
        In other business:
    •Discussed carry over funds, from Commission on Aging. The funds are being used for other departments.
    •Tabled 2018 Budget Amendment.
    • Lafayette County Finance Director, Lindsay Van Matre brought up discussion on a memo that was sent to departments on process changes made within the 2018 budget.
Joint Finance & Human Resource Meeting
    •The Committee approved recruitment bonus at Lafayette Manor. An employee who recruits a new nursing or CNA staff member will receive half of the new employees retention bonus after a year of employment.
    •Approved separating Scheduling and Supplies position at the Lafayette Manor.
    •Lots of discussion regarding hiring Courthouse Judicial position. The main question was who will the position report to - Clerk of Courts or Circuit Court.  It was approved to send this to the Executive Committee.