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Grant County Sheriff's race
All the links you are looking for before heading to the polls
Sgt Ed Breitsprecker and Sheriff Nate Dreckman are on the ballot Aug. 12 looking to not only be the Republican nominee, but also be chosen as sheriff.

    There are many similarities between the two men running to be elected Grant County Sheriff. Both hail from Potosi, both affiliate themselves with the Republican Party, both are veterans of the department they wish to lead, both are married to women named Amy.
    Each, however, has their own idea of what they think the role of sheriff should be.
    To the left and below are links to stories, responses to questionnaires, and video of both candidates, letting you know what their thoughts are on the issues the Grant County Sheriff will have to deal with in the next four-year term.


Sheriff Nate Dreckman’s in-depth response to questionnaire

Sgt. Ed Breitsprecker’s in-depth response to questionnaire

Hear directly from the candidates Video - Sheriff Nate Dreckman

Hear directly from the candidates Video - Sgt. Ed Breitsprecker Jr.

Nate Dreckman spotlight from Platteville Journal

Ed Breitsprecker spotlight from Platteville Journal