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Hillsboro City Council approves splashpad for city pool
Project to replace wading pool will begin with Cash for Splash fundraiser
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The Hillsboro City Council, with full attendance, unanimously approved the development of a new “Splashpad”  for young children at the Municipal Swimming Pool during the official monthly business meeting on Monday night.

The regular children’s wading pool was closed by federal mandates five years ago. It has remained closed due to the extremely high costs for repair, making it difficult for residents with small children to enjoy the summer time recreation previously available.

In an effort to recreate a more family friendly pool area, the City has designed a plan with Vortex that will provide a wider range of activity fun for the entire family.

The benefits will include:

• Safety: Zero depth eliminates risk of drowning

• Accessibility: Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant

• Sustainability: Low flow limits water usage

• Customization: Site specific with possibility for future additions

• Family friendly: Designed for all ages

• Attractiveness: Increases time spent at the pool

City Administrator Adam Sonntag outlined plans for the project that will begin with a “Cash for Splash” fundraiser. The goal is to raise up to $30,000 or $40,000 in 2013 and 2014.

Donations will be accepted at City Hall and the pool. Also sought are in-kind donations from plumbing, electrical, and concrete contractors.

For more information about this exciting project, please phone (608) 489-2521.

Another recreational idea was a topic of discussion during the meeting. The Council was asked to approve a plan to construct two outdoor volleyball courts at Hammer-Klopfleisch Park next to the new shelter near the dam.

Mayor Greg Kubarski mentioned that he would like to see that park area better utilized. Concrete costs for the project were estimated to be about $24,000. Other costs were seen to be available through volunteer help.

Financial costs for maintenance were discussed including both cleanup and liability insurance.

Alderman Mike Clark, however, stated a problem that seemed to doom the project within minutes. He reminded the Council that duck and goose waste often is such a continuing problem near water that the area can become almost useless.

As an alternative, he suggested the lake frontage be promoted for more fishing use.

Randy Seeley made the motion to support the volleyball courts, followed by a seconding serve from Tom Hotek.

However, all other members of the Council opposed the plan and delivered a game-ending kill shot with their votes.

In another development, the Council unanimously passed a resolution that approves participation in forming a Western Wisconsin Community Development Block Grant Regional Revolving Loan Fund. Other communities involved are in Pierce, Pepin, Buffalo, Jackson, La Crosse, Monroe, Vernon, Trempealeau, and Crawford counties.

The proposed consolidation is in Hillsboro’s economic interest, as it will provide a more effective financing program that will remove existing federal regulations, open up the funds to more businesses and projects, streamline fund management, and relieve individual communities of administrative and legal responsibilities.

The Council also unanimously approved a change in the downtown sidewalk use ordinance to allow outdoor cafe seating and merchandise display areas. Liz Parish made the motion, seconded by Tom Hotek, after both Sonntag and visitor Betty Havlik endorsed the plan that hopefully will attract more folks to stop in the downtown area, including people just driving through the city.

After approving a number of operator's licenses, the Council unanimously approved liquor licenses for:

• Kwik Trip Inc., Christi Kouba

• Dollar General Store, Barbara Housner

• Hillsboro Firemen’s Memorial Park and Hall, Inc,/Station 2 Pub, Kristi Jensen

• Hillsboro Hotel Group LLC, Hotel Hillsboro, Nancy Picha

• Hillsboro Brewing Company LLC, Snapper Verbsky

• 8 Ball Break,  Vicki L. Olsen

• Big Nickel Bar and Grill, Philip Nicholson

In the final decision of the night, the Council unanimously approved an Outdoor Consumption and Annual Event Activity Permit for Beezers Bar and Grill/Hillsboro Hotel Group.

The Council will hold a special meeting at 7 p.m. June 20 to consider Richard Hanke’s application for a Reserve Combination Class B beer/liquor retail license for Friends, 135 Mill St.