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Hillsboro Council accepts matching grants
Verbsky receives building code variance, and salt shed roof repair project will be bid again
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The Hillsboro City Council wisely helped itself to several important matching grants at its regular monthly meeting Monday night.

The Council unanimously approved the acceptance of a $500,000 CDBG Public Facilities award for utility projects on Mechanic St./Harrison Ave.

Calling it a “good program,” City Administrator Adam Sonntag compared the award, that must be matched, to the city’s recent well project.

Mayor Greg Kubarski added. “It is a  life saver for us!”

Snapper Verbsky was in attendance at the meeting to ask the Council for a variance on a state building code mandating a sprinkler system in the Hillsboro Brewing Company restaurant and bar.

He also requested a permit to close Mill St. to accommodate an October Fest celebration being planned.

The Council unanimously approved both requests.

Sonntag reported that there was only one bid submitted for repair work on the salt shed roof, and it was too high. The Council approved a plan to rebid the project.

The Council unanimously approved the use of the Community Antenna tower by the City at a rental rate of $50 per month.

The Council also unanimously approved a Stewardship Grant Award of $89,850 to extend the bike/snowmobile trail to Hammer-Klopfleisch Park on the lake next to the dam. The matching grant, in conjunction with snowmobile grants, will help fund a new bridge and camp sites.

Before going into closed session, the Council approved a number of operator’s licenses.