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Hillsboro Council dispenses of agenda items in 15 minutes
Members approve multiple items without dissent
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The monthly Hillsboro City Council meeting Monday night may have set a new record for shortage of length.

With a full house of members present, the Council went through a number of action items in about 15 minutes without a single ‘nay” recorded.

The meeting got off to a fast start with the approval of a street use permit in Tinkers Bluff and the route of the removal of a building at 504 Water Avenue.

From there it was all downhill in the excitement department.

Next up was a resolution accepting a compliance report for the waste water treatment plant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The Council was pleased that the DNR reported its approval of the plant.

Moving right long, the Council members signaled their unanimous approval for a number of Intoxicating Liquor and Fermented Malt Beverage Licenses and Agents.

 In order, the Council approved:

• A Class A retail license for Kwik Trip Inc., Christi Kouba:

• A Combination Class A beer and liquor license for the Dollar General store,  Glenn Levine;

• Combination Class B fermented malt beverage and liquor licenses for:

– Hillsboro Firemen Memorial Park and Hall, Inc., Kristi Jensen;

– Hillsboro Hotel Group, LLC, Nancy Picha:

– Hillsboro Brewing Company, Snapper Verbsky:

– Big Nickel Bar and Grill, LLC - Philip Nicholson:

– Ricntree LLC - Richard Hanke

The Council also approved outdoor consumption permits for Hillsboro Brewing Company and Hillsboro Hotel Group LLC / Beezers Bar & Grill.

The final item on the agenda was the approval of Operator’s Licenses.

The unusually short time for the entire meeting made this reporter consider stopping in at all the establishments mentioned at the meeting on the way home…just to congratulate them on their new licenses, of course.