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Human Services post move meeting
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The County K building could now be called Lafayette Human Services building. The committee is still called County K building committee and at their meeting on Wednesday, April 27 everyone got an early start as Chairman Bill Moody called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.
    In the preliminaries committee member, David Hammer made a motion to approve the previous meeting minutes with the following changes: adding – “if we were still in the Darlington Municipal Building, we would have needed to create/construct a new entrance and reception area to meet the new ADRC requirements, as informed by Mary Mezera - Regional Manager for the ADRC of Southwest Wisconsin.” Approved.
    The first item on the agenda was – “discussion and possible action regarding ADRC Recommendations” – nothing was discussed and nothing was acted on.
    Mezera informed the committee that there may be monies available from ADRC to install an automatic opener on the front door. She stressed that it’s not guaranteed and it would be a request. Ed Wiegel committee member was asked to get an estimate.
    Hollandale Mover bill of just under $10,000 was approved to pay and will be sent to Building & Insurance.
    IT expert, Jason Walters, has a few more chores to finish up. Including: running three phone lines, one each to Joy’s office, kitchen and conference room; a printer needs to be moved, which will require and electric, phone and Ethernet line; need to set up wireless; network switching and several minor items. A motion was made to authorize Walters to have McNett run phone/power wiring.
    A problem with the IT room exists. The servers are getting hot and they need more ventilation – so the air condition was turned up 24/7 to keep the room cooled. Which in turn cooled the downstairs offices and employees were running space heaters to keep warm. This will need to be addressed with the engineer. A separate system to cool the IT room may be needed.
    An engineering mistake, i.e. – the initial design had lights in the center of the ceiling in the downstairs hallway and the lights had to be moved to a side mount, because the HVAC in the ceiling of the hallway was bigger that expected which pushed the lights down too low. It cost the County K project $1,743.50, a motion was made and approved to deduct that amount from the Delta3 bill.
    A motion was made and approved to choose the Faherty Incorporated, of Platteville bid for a garbage dumpster and a once a week pickup - of $98.30 per month.
    A heating issue for the Dept. of Corrections (a County K building renter), came up next. The moving of heating pipes, thermostat adjustment will be involved – it will turn one big heating zone into two smaller zones. Reilly Plumbing and Heating and Precision Drive and Control, Monroe will work on this together. A rough estimate of $6,400 was quoted. Moody said, “We have to keep the DOC happy.” A motion was made and approved.
    Shane Schuhmacher, Lafayette County Human Service Dept. Head has been looking into signs. He has come up with prices and designs from Signs To Go!, Platteville. One large sign 5’x12’ double sided with lights that would list Lafayette County Human Services and ADRC. Two smaller signs, 4’x4’ – double sided, one in the lower lot for Human Services and one in the upper lot for ADRC. The committee approved to go forward with Schuhmacher’s suggestions on signage, he will sit down with Signs To Go! and finish up the proposed signs. ADRC possibly will have monies to go towards signs.
    In other business: getting bids on keyed lever locks for all the doors in the upstairs and removing the deadbolts – so the janitor can open all the office doors with one key; Janitor Paul Copas has cleaned and has been receptive; Completely moved out and Hollandale movers were great to work with.