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Increase proposed for garbage, recycling rates
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A proposed increase to the garbage and recycling rates in Fennimore for 2012 will be decided upon at the common council’s next meeting, Monday, Dec. 12, at 7 p.m. The public is encouraged to attend and share opinions on the ordinance for consideration.

These rates were last adjusted in July of 2009.

Currently, according to a breakdown of the rates by City Clerk Margaret Sprague, the garbage rates for bi-monthly pick up are $6.50 for residents, $8.50 for commercial and $3.25 for low-income qualifiers. After the suggested 7.5 percent increase, residents will pay $7, commercial $9.15 and low-income $3.50.

Residential accounts include 925 users, while 51 receive the services commercially, and 67 receive them at the low-income rate.

With the proposed changes, the city expects to see an increase in its monthly revenues of $512.40. Multiply that increase by 12 months and the city stands to bring in $9,666.60 annually.

According to Sprague’s calculations, the current monthly revenues are $6,012.50 for residential, $433.50 for commercial and $217.75 for low-income users for a total of $6,663.75. The proposed revenues are $6,475, $466.65, and $234.50, respectively, for a total of $7,176.15.

In addition to these rates, businesses utilizing dumpsters for garbage and recycling would also be affected by the 7.5 percent jump on the monthly fee.

At this time, for weekly pick up, a four-yard garbage dumpster costs business owners $93.50 per month and a six-yarder is $137.50. For twice weekly pick up, the rates are $159.50 for the four-yarder and $214.50 for a six-yard garbage dumpster per month.

Recycling dumpsters are $27.50 for a four-yard dumpster and $38.50 for a six-yarder. These are only offered on a weekly pick-up basis, but again, billed montly.

The increase would put the dumpster rates at $100.51 and $147.81 for weekly garbage pick up and $171.46 and $230.59 for twice weekly pick up. For recycling, the rates would go up to $29.56 and $41.39.

The anticipated monthly revenue the city could see from the increase on the dumpster rate is $293.15, which equals $3,517.80 per year. There are presently 27 city dumpsters and 11 private that are serviced in Fennimore.