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IT and GIS department look into new web page
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DARLINGTON - The Lafayette County IT/GIS meeting was called to order Monday, April 17, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. by chair David Hammer.
    The first item on the agenda was whether or not to upgrade the county website. Lauree Aulik, GIS Coordinator/Land Information had several examples of other city and county websites that were attractive and inviting. Aulik wanted the committee to approve setting up a subcommittee to research a newly designed web site. Bob Jones, Lafayette County Economic Development department head, was present and spoke about the importance of having a professional website for attracting potential businesses to the area.
    Jason Walter, IT Director said they have received several quotes and the minimum bid to design a new website is $6,000 to $12,000. Carla Jacobson, Lafayette County Clerk, maintains the current website stated the current website was designed by the State of Wisconsin. Green and Grant counties websites look similar to Lafayette site. Jacobson also stated the county pays $65 per month for hosting.
    Tony Ruesga, County Board member, asked what the $6,000 included? Walter answered that would be for design of the front page and having it setup, in templates, so someone from the county could maintain/update it. Ruesga asked if our current site could be changed to have a more contemporary and attractive look. Jacobson answered that it could to some degree. She will check if a big attractive picture could be added.
    Kriss Marion, county board member, thinks our site looks old and wants to go ahead with looking into a new website for 2018. She also stated the main point of changing the site is to benefit economic development and tourism. After looking at several “nice” and easy to navigate websites, Hammer asked for a motion. A motion was made to create a workgroup with department heads and people who work with the current website. Approved.
    In other business:
    •Walter is looking for a wage adjustment for Christine Douglas, IT Support Specialist, and presented documentation that showed what other counties pay similar IT positions and put an automatic raise in the budget. Marion and Ruesga both stated the importance of the IT department. A motion was made by Marion to increase Douglas’ pay by $2 (which would take it to $19.10 an hour) – Approved.
    •Transcendent project – this project is a data base program that links several departments together including treasurer, planning and zoning, register of deeds, and is reflected in the GIS website mapping. The project was approved, but was not budgeted for. So there is not enough money to pay for it. The project is $7,000 short for this year and $57,000 for next year, some of the money will come from expected grant money for next year. Some of the money can come from overages of departments involved. A motion was made by Gerald Hiemann to pass this on to the Finance Department that $7,000 will be needed to pay off this years bill.
    •IT Misc. – backup software will need to be purchased; a disaster recovery policy is in the works, there is data that the courthouse can’t afford to loose; time clock server; new upgrade by Centurytel is not installed yet (slated to be finished in Dec.); backup tapes used for Finance’s software have gone from $40 each to $240 each, because they are obsolete.