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Krentz asked to leave
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DARLINGTON—The administrator of Lafayette Manor is on administrative leave following a decision by several county board supervisors and Lafayette Manor staff.
On Friday, Aug. 31, Catherine Krentz, administrator of Lafayette Manor, was placed on administrative leave until a decision about her employment could be made at the next nursing home committee meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. on Sept. 25.
“It seemed to be the appropriate decision,” Lafayette County Board Supervisor Ron Niemann said. “A number of issues led to this.”
A letter signed by David Halloran, chairman of the manor committee, Niemann, chairman of the human resources committee, and Jack Sauer, chairman of the county board, was sent to manor staff, residents and family members last week. In the letter it states, “In response to all of the turmoil and negative issues surrounding Lafayette Manor we have decided to make some very important changes effective immediately. Effective today Cathy Krentz will no longer be the nursing home administrator.”
This decision came after nearly 100 people attended the Aug. 27 nursing home committee meeting asking for a change and on Aug. 30 the manor received a claim for wrongful injury.
In Krentz’s absence, Sherry Kudronowicz, the administrator of Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County, will be the interim administrator. She is a state of Wisconsin licensed nursing home administrator. According to the letter the state has been notified of the changes.
“… our medical director Dr. Lori Neumann will be holding staff and resident and family meetings in the upcoming weeks to try to get back on the right track,” the letter states.