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Lafayette County Board approves expansion of finance department
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The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors approved the creation of two new finance department positions at their meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 9.
    A finance manager position was created by the board with a proposed annual salary of $56,525. The resolution also detailed that Joy Galle, who currently serves as manager of accounts within the department, will be promoted to the new finance manager position.
    According to the fiscal note on the resolution, based on a 40-hour workweek, the creation of this position will result in an hourly increase from $22.25 per hour to $27.04 per hour. For the period of Sept. 9 to Dec. 31, 2014 this change will result in approximately $3,070 of unbudgeted wage and about $450 of unbudgeted fringe expenses. For 2015 there will be approximately $9,970 of budgeted wage and about $1,450 budgeted fringe expenses.
    An accounting assistant position with a proposed hourly wage range from $13.26 to $15.60 plus benefits was also created within the finance department by the county board.
    According to the resolution’s fiscal note, based on a full-time status and a wage of between $13.26 and $15.68 per hour, the position will incur additional unbudgeted wage and fringe expenditures of approximately $7,900 to $12,150, (depending on starting wage and health insurance, if selected) for an estimated time period of Oct. 6-Dec. 31, 2014. For 2015 the position will result in budgeted wages and fringes of approximately $31,600 to $54,400 annually. Overtime hours not included in estimate.
    Finance director, Nicola Maurer, noted that the creation of the finance manager position will provide assistance with the budget, audit, month end and chart of accounts duties and the position will also be able to oversee accounts payable, allowing Maurer to focus on providing assistance and oversight to the financial function at the hospital, nursing home and other county departments in addition to financial and audit planning county-wide. 
    In addition, the creation of the accounting assistant position will allow the finance manager and finance director to focus on financial management throughout the county, as the accounting assistant will be able to take care of things like accounts payable and basic accounting duties.