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Multi-Use sets tentative dates
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DARLINGTON - At the Multi-Use Facility Committee meeting held Monday, May 1, 2017, Gerald Heimann, chairman, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.
    The main thrust of this meeting was to line up and coordinate the bidding process. The Wisconsin State review date is May 16, 2017. The storm water, erosion control plan has been sent to the state, the plans will take 30 to 60 days to get approved. Also, the plumbing review was sent to the state, those plans usually get approved in thirty days. Keith Dalsing, from KD Engineering, said, “It looks like the end of May everything should be back.” The committee is tentatively planning on advertising for bid May 18 and 25, 2017.  The bid opening, also tentatively, is planned for Monday, June 12, 2017. The completion date on the project was set at Nov. 1, 2017.
    There was discussion on how to let the bids out. In original discussions the idea was to let out three bids: one for materials, one for labor and one for combination of both. Dalsing was pushing for just one bid for a general contractor. According to Jean the project will be bid as follows: 1.) materials for building. 2.) labor only for building and 3.) labor and materials for building. HVAC, electrical and concrete will be bid separately after the building is bid out. After a Republican Journal email conversation with Jean and Dalsing, the two disagreed on what was decided regarding the way the bids will be let out, a meeting planned for May 15, 2017 could decide the matter. The bids will be approved by the Multi-Use Facility Committee and will not need to go to the full County Board for approval.
    The committee reviewed the changes that they made at the last meeting. Including: LED lighting; 400 amp service; three phase electrical; bidding .26 and .29 gauge steel on the building; cupolas; catch basin and drainage setup for drainage in the bays; lift station vs. gravity feed for sewer hook-up; gravel in the parking lot; emergency generator; added condensation blanket for the ceiling in the storage area; windows.
    The committee approved putting the following items into the contract: Liquidated damages (if the job is not done at the time promised) $200 per day. Performance bond (a bond the contractor gets from an insurance company that insures that they will perform the work as contracted) and bid bond (the company will honor the price they bid), payment bond (insures the general contractor is paying his sub-contractors). Builders risk insurance the county will purchase. A certified check for 5% of the bid will be requested from each of the bidders.
    Tom Jean will take care of change orders. Jean stated if it is a large change order he will contact the committee.
    The committee approved paying an invoice for KD Engineering in the amount of $8,090 for services provided.
    An item on the agenda regarding the five acres that sold for $20,000. Jean said, “That check was made to Lafayette County Highway Department and my understanding was that was supposed to go to the Multi-Use Facility.” Jack Sauer, County Board chairman, agreed.  A motion was made that stated the proceeds of the five acres that were sold for $20,000 will go towards the Multi-Use Facility. Approved.
    A meeting was scheduled May 15, 2017 to meet with Jason Walter, IT director at Lafayette County, and ComElec of Dubuque, Iowa.