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National Guard training called off due to shutdown
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The Wisconsin National Guard has postponed training for this weekend because of the federal government shutdown.

Soldiers and airmen scheduled to report for training this weekend are being advised to check with their commanders for guidance on how and when this month's training will be rescheduled.

"The training that is conducted during National Guard drills is critical to maintaining our proficiency and readiness, but without authorized funding we cannot conduct training," said Maj. Gen. Donald P. Dunbar, the state adjutant general, in a news release this afternoon.

Members of Army and Air National Guard units are typically paid with federal funds for training. Active duty and Active Guard and Reserve soldiers are getting paid during the shutdown. However, 1,000 Wisconsin National Guard federal technicians are not being paid, and won't get back duty unless legislation is passed to authorize back pay.

In the event of a state emergency, the Wisconsin National Guard remains fully available to the governor for state active duty, the news release said.