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Nerison votes for tax cuts during special session
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Tax relief is coming on this December’s property tax bills as a result of $100 million in property tax cuts supported by state Rep. Lee Nerison (R-Westby).

“The ability to return this significant amount of money didn’t happen overnight.  It has taken years of hard work and responsible budgeting to get spending under control and grow our economy so we have more revenue coming into the state,” Nerison said.

Under the plan, general school aids will increase by $100 million over the next two years to push down property taxes by distributing the money through the school aid formula.  This reverses the trend of property taxes increasing by 27 percent from 2001-2011.

“The taxpayers’ pocketbook only stretches so far.  This is real money that folks in western Wisconsin will appreciate having to spend as they see fit, rather than keeping it in Madison,” Nerison said.

The property tax cut legislation passed both the Wisconsin State Assembly and State Senate on a bipartisan vote.  Gov. Scott Walker signed the bill into law Oct. 20.