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No Stonebridge Road work in 2012
Stonebridge pothole

PLATTEVILLE — The Platteville Common Council was presented three options for repairs on Stonebridge Road earlier this month by Director of Public Works Howard Crofoot.

Ultimately, the council chose option four — none of the above.

The council decided to make patchwork repairs on the road while making it a priority for work in 2013.

The three options ranged from $48,000 in repairs estimated to last three years, to $80,000 in excavation and resurfacing estimated to last 10 years. None of the estimates included water or sewer or stormwater culvert work.

Crofoot said the road has exceeded its originally designed service life. It was also built before the construction of two large apartment complexes, Oak Creek Woods, 150 Stonebridge Road, and Stonebridge Apartments, 890 Stonebridge Road.

The road was previously on the city’s 2012–16 Capital Improvement Plan, but Crofoot said it was “removed to the unfunded list” due to other projects. The city is working on Second Street, Washington Street, Spring Street and Jewett Street this year.

The council’s decision came despite two residents’ requests to expedite work. Jeff Fitzgerald, 885 Stonebridge Road Apt. A, said one section of road was “actually mud” with “two-foot-deep potholes.”

David Drury, 947 Stonebridge Road, said water and sewer work was “not absolutely necessary.” He requested the council choose the 10-year option “this year.”

District 4 Ald. Ken Kilian said he preferred moving the Stonebridge project to 2013 “rather than spend $48,000” this year.

“We’ll do what we can with gravel and such,” said Crofoot.