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Primary Feb. 18 for Common Council at-large seat
One race on Grant, Lafayette county boards
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A primary election will be held Feb. 18 to reduce the number of Platteville Common Council at-large candidates from three to two.

Three candidates — Brian E. Chapman, 130 W. Dewey St.; Amy Seeboth, 455 Lutheran St.; and Darrel Browning, 345 S. Chestnut St. — filed for the three-year at-large seat being vacated by Ald. Patrice Steiner.

The top two vote-getters will advance to the April 1 election. District 2 Ald. Eileen Nickels, the Common Council president, was the only candidate to file for the District 2 seat.

Meanwhile, former Platteville School Board member Arlene Siss was the third candidate to file for a School Board seat, along with incumbents Heather Connolly and Josh Grabandt. Siss lost to Eric Fatzinger in the 2012 election.

Potosi School Board member Rick Kruser and challengers Amy Mewhirter and Wayne Weber are running for the two seats. Incumbent Cindy Leibfried is not running for reelection.

In addition to municipal and school board elections, the April 1 ballot will also include all seats on the Grant, Lafayette and Iowa county boards.

Only one seat — the District 17 seat held by Sup. Vince Loeffeholz — has an additional candidate, Dan Timmerman. District 17 includes Dickeyville wards 1 and 2 and Paris Ward 2.

The other 16 County Board supervisors are unopposed, including Sups. Patrick Schroeder (District 8, Lima and Clifton Ward 2), Mark Stead (District 10, Platteville wards 1 and 2 and Town of Platteville Ward 1), Dale Hood (District 11, Platteville wards 3 and 4 and Town of Platteville Ward 2), Dwight Nelson (District 12, Platteville wards 1 and 2), Carol Beals (District 13, Platteville wards 7 and 8), Lester Jantzen (District 14, Town and Village of Potosi, Tennyson, Harrison and Ellenboro), John Beinborn (District 15, Town of Platteville Ward 3, Smelser Ward 1, Paris Ward 1) and Donald Splinter (District 16, Smelser Ward 2).

There is also only one Lafayette County Board race, in District 1, where Sup. Patrick Shea is opposed by Larry Ludlum. District 1 includes the Town of Belmont.

District 2 (Village and Town of Belmont) Sup. Bill Moody and District 3 (towns of Kendall and Seymour) Sup. Jack Sauer, the county board chair, are unopposed, as are all but one other incumbent supervisor. There will be one other new county supervisor, in District 8, where Sup. Ron Niemann is retiring. The only candidate on the ballot will be Zeke Garthwaite.

There is also only one Iowa County board race, in District 7, where Sup. Curt Peterson is opposed by Bill Dolan. District 7 Sup. Phil Mrozinski is not running for reelection, but no candidate filed to replace him.

Incumbents are leaving in two other districts. District 6 Sup. Ed Weaver will be replaced on the ballot by David Gollon, and District 12 Sup. Steve Deal will be replaced on the ballot by Greag Clerkin.

The ballot deadline was extended in two districts because the incumbents filed neither for reelection nor for noncandidacy — District 10 Sup. Eric Anderson and District 15 Sup. Charles Bolduc.

Unopposed incumbents include Sups. Carol Anderson (District 19, towns of Eden and Mifflin and the villages of Cobb and Montfort) and Bob Bunker (District 21, Mifflin, Livingston and Rewey).