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Primary for mayor race, discuss zoning
Shullsburg City
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SHULLSBURG —Shullsburg City Council met on Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018.
    The council discussed the upcoming election. There are three candidates running for the mayor position and they are incumbent Gloria Swenson, Alder Emmett Reilly and Alder Duane Wedige. Swenson said, “When you have three candidates running for one position you should have a primary. Since Wedige, Reilly and myself have a conflict of interest, this will need to voted on by the remaining two council members. That was agreed to by all parties.
    A motion was made by Alder Cory Ritterbusch and seconded by Alder Jim Paquette to hold a primary election Feb. 20, 2018 for the mayor position. Approved 2-0 with Wedige and Reilly abstaining.
City Zoning
    The subject of zoning for the Parkview Development was discussed briefly. Mayor Gloria Swenson stated the city can use zoning that was recently changed at Geissbuhler subdivision but it will need to be tweaked slightly. Because of the condominiums and the zero lot lines that will be used in the Parkview Development.
    The difference, according to Swenson, is in the Geissbuhler subdivision, the condominiums needed a special use permit to construct duplexes where in the Parkview Development there are only certain lots you can do those (duplexes) on, so they should be specified in the ordinance. Swenson asked if she should send the zoning ordinance to Attorney Paul Johnson and ask him about it.
    Alder Emmett Reilly asked, “Doesn’t this need to go through the planning commission?” Alder Duane Wedige said, “It does, but shouldn’t we ask the attorney first to see if he has any recommendations?” Reilly said, “That’s not the way we did it with Joe Edge, it went to the planning commission and we discussed it and then there were suggestions made, so I don’t know why you would not do it the same this time. It took about a year and a half. I don’t know why we wouldn’t go to the planning commission first, maybe they wouldn’t want to go forward with it. I think you should treat everybody the same.”
    Alder Jim Paquette said, “I don’t see the connection between Joe Edge and this.” Reilly said, “The mayor brought it up, that we have to tweak this, so you’re using the same ordinance that you used for Joe Edge but changing it a little.” Swenson said, “It’s not the same and I pointed out the differences. Don’t say something I did not say. I pointed out the differences. I said in this ordinance (Joe Edge) you had to have a conditional use permit and that differs from the one up there (Parkview) because certain lots are already deemed duplex.”
    Reilly said, “You are absolutely wrong, because…” Swenson said, “No. I am not!” Reilly said, “Joe can confirm this…” Swenson (asking Joe Edge), Joe did you need a conditional use permit to construct a duplex?” Joe Edge answered, “I had to go through the development group – they had to okay it, then I had to go to the city council. Then there was a word that wasn’t right so I had to go back to the development group, like three or four times and then back here (city council).” Reilly added, “And that one word that was never used, that you are using is duplex.”
    Paquette said, “That doesn’t have anything to do with this development, at all.” Edge said, “It’s the same, I was in zone one and the development is zone one. How can it be treated different?” Clerk-Treasurer Marsha Einsweller said, “The current ordinance has zero lot lines. The new development does not have zero lot lines, so this ordinance will not work up there (Parkview). It has to be tweaked.” Wedige said, “Why don’t we find out the legal way to go about it, and then move on.” Reilly said, “After it goes to the planning commission. Period.” Wedige said, “I don’t know if that’s the right way to do it.” Einsweller said, “Is the planning commission going to know what the wording should be on the ordinance?” Answer - No.
    Paquette said, “Let’s go to the lawyer and get it taken care of.” Reilly, “You’re treating people differently. I understand why the three of you are treating this differently.” Paquette said, “You don’t understand anything.” Wedige said, “Who are we treating differently?” Reilly, “You’re treating Joe Edge different than the Parkview Terrace Development.” Swenson said, “We’re moving on.” Paquette said (to Reilly), “You are a problem.”
    In other business:
    •Tabled the discussion and action on the Drainage Basin analysis. The council has discussed this subject at several meetings. The issue is that during heavy rains, a couple of residents have been flooded.
    The actual analysis that was done by Delta 3 cost the city $6,000 - $7,000. Swenson stated the city has not budgeted any funds for this project, also there are no grants available. So at this point nothing will be done.
    •Approved the bills for general, water, sewer, electric, pool, museum, library and TIFF funds in the amount of $51,034.
    •Tabled Postal routes and mail receptacles for the Parkview Development.
    •Appointed Dave Turpin to the Building and Grounds Committee.
    •Discussed lowering the speed limit on Hwy. 11.