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Riverdale superintendent addresses village board
In Muscoda

MUSCODA - The Muscoda Village board met for its monthly meeting on the blustery November 9 evening. Riverdale District Administrator Jon Schmidt visited the board to give an update. 

“I like to get down here at least once a year to share what’s been going on at the school,” Schmidt said. “I hear a lot of the different COVID stories and I want you to know I feel your pain. Through all the trials and tribulations we’ve managed to stay open 100 percent. Our support staff have been hit hard and we are really feeling the community spread. But we are being really cautious about playing it safe. 

Schmidt gave a brief review of the recent budget details to the board. Including reviewing with them that it is year four otu of five of the current referendum. 

“We had some renovations in 2018, roofing and adding air conditioning and that leads us to COVID. We’re at three to four teachers with out a classroom and its really tight. We’re living with that but we didn’t have a choice.” Schmidt explained. He also noted that the teachers are moving from class to class to accommodate and with expanding 4K and the surround care, having more space is becoming very necessary. 

“We need four classrooms, some offices and the ADA complaint bathrooms,” Schmidt noted. “$3.9--4 million are the rough numbers. We are probably going to look at a referendum in April. if we run early we can take advantage of the pandemic situation and get low interest rates and eager workers to work with the referendum with minimal impact on tax payers. If there was ever time to do it this would be the time and it is our philosophy that we’re gong to get through it.” 

Schmidt also brought up the topic of the school farm. 

“We have a teacher who wants to develop a animal science program and utilize the great school farm we already have,” Schmidt explained. “We want to develop a more hands on opportunity and wanted to know if it was possible to build a temporary housing for the animals off of the school?” 

However, Village Attorney, Ben Wood noted that because of village ordinances it would not be recommended to pursue building a animal housing area on the school grounds.

A representative from Delta 3 attended the meeting to give an update on the Municipal Well and Pump building. He shared that there was a delay in receiving roofing materials for the well house with the contractor.  The delays have been ongoing causing frustrations for the Delta 3. Pay applications for Badger Environmental and Earthworks was tabled as a result. 

On the topic of Santa Day the Village agreed to financially support Santa Day should it be decided it will happen. 

Work on the service window in the office was approved for a cost of no more than $800. Headsets for the clerks were also approved. 

It was noted that the Village Works offices dug a bit into the idea of adding a splash pad to the village but concluded that at this time it is just too expensive to pursue further. The public works department also noted it is planned for Christmas Decorations to be put up the Monday after Thanksgiving. 

Muscoda Village Clerk Cinda Johnson shared that it was a “very busy election.”  The village got selected to for an audit of the election as well and if there is a recount, they might be able to do the audit and recount at the same time. 

Additionally, Johnson shared that the Town of Muscoda decided to issue their Recovery Cares Money to the Village of Muscoda.