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Rural Medical board request closed session meeting with council
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DARLINGTON – At the Darlington City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 1, the Rural Medical Ambulance Service (RMAS) board, represented by Matt Solverson, Dave Ohnsted and Tim McComish were present and permitted to speak by Mayor David Breunig.
    Solverson read a prepared statement – “Dear city council, RMAS board would like to ask again, [for you] to meet in closed session with the RMAS board of directors. To work in ending the public dispute amongst the leaders. Two ambulance services in our community would cost the townships and city more, it would mean more governing and management for the city and will harm our health care system and medical infrastructure.”
    The statement continues, “Please see Cindy Corley’s March 15, 2018 email, requesting for a closed session
meeting for indications for closed sessions. Not resolving this conflict will be more harmful than ignoring it. I believe we both owe it to our community, to save public turmoil and to get resolution to move forward in our community. It is not a fun place to stay and fight amongst each other and profit the lawyer. Please consider this request and communicate with our RMAS board chair to set up a meeting if you are willing.”
    After an extended pause. Alder Cindy Corley said, “I would hope the council would proceed with this request.” Alder Steve Pickett said, “I don’t see why we can’t do it at the next meeting or set up a special meeting. Because at some point we are going to have to pay for this one way or another. Putting it off isn’t going to make anything better.”
    Breunig suggested a closed session meeting prior to the next council meeting on May 15. Alder Don Osterday asked, “Your request was to meet just with the board?” Solverson answered, “Yes, the city council and the Rural Medical board. Rural Medical could host it and chair could call a meeting and have you (Darlington city council) put on the agenda.”
    After discussion back and forth a tentative meeting was set at the RMAS normal board meeting May 23 at 6:00 p.m.
    In Other Business:
    •It was brought up that Mike’s Engine Clinic is storing his unassembled equipment in a city parking lot. Breunig stated that he will have Police Chief Jason King look into it.
    •Approved hiring an additional lifeguard and an additional park employee to the Park & Rec Department.
    •Approved city, direct deposit payroll, water dept., sewer dept. and library April vouchers in the amount of $876,567.
    •Approved Feb. 28, 2018 financial statements for the City, Water Dept. and Sewer Dept.
    •Osterday reported on Library board meeting. He mentioned much of the meeting was spent on the maintenance list. Items that need repair or replacement including the front door, Persian rugs, curtains, etc. Also repair on the sidewalk in front of the door area was discussed.
    •Alder John Sonsalla reported on Park and Rec Committee. The gardens next to the walkway continue to get flooded and the thought was to remove those gardens and move new gardens to higher ground.