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Shullsburg ballot will be empty for spring election
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    Tom Lethlean has been mayor of Shullsburg for the past four years, serving two terms in the office, but his name will not be on the ballot when the time for the spring election comes around in April.
    “I’m retired and I just want to pursue other avenues in life,” said Lethlean. “I never anticipated the work load that comes with the office,” he added.
    Lethlean described the experience of serving two terms in office as “fantastic” and said he is somewhat remorseful about leaving. “It’s a very rewarding experience, but also very demanding,” he explained.
    Lethlean filed non-candidacy papers, along with Jim Paquette and Dan Spillane, the other two city council members whose offices are up for election in April.
    According to Marsha Einsweiler, Shullsburg city clerk, no one filed nomination papers for the positions that are up for election either, therefore there will be no candidate names on the spring ballot for the city of Shullsburg.
    So come April, whoever gets the most write-in votes for the office of mayor and two alderperson positions will win, provided that they qualify to be an elected official and accept the positions.
    If they do not accept the positions, Einsweiler said she believes that the council will appoint someone to fill the offices.
    Lethlean said that he is encouraging someone to step forward and be a strong write-in candidate for the position of mayor.
    When asked if he thought a large change in the city council would affect the in-progress proposed Shullsburg casino project, Lethlean said he didn’t think there would be a problem.
    “People support it and I think that will be the biggest part of the project being successful,” said Lethlean. “There hasn’t been an individual that lives within the city limits of Shullsburg that has come up to me and voiced opposition to the project, that I remember,” he added.