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Shullsburg paying for big ticket projects
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SHULLSBURG — The Shullsburg City Council met Oct. 3, 2018 and approved paying over $400,000 in pay applications for projects around the city.
    Mark Doyle from Delta 3 of Platteville presented pay applications for the various projects and gave updates.
    •Sewer Plant phosphorous treatment chemical building – waiting to get the roof on, electrical and controls startup will be next week or the following week. Pay application #3 for Midwest Builders of Fennimore in the amount of $104,919 was approved.
    •Parkview Subdivision – completely done with the sewer and water. Still some storm sewer work to do. 4,040 feet of curb and gutter will be done on Thursday, Oct. 4 if the weather allows. What’s left is streets and pond work and the project will be completed. Iverson Paving will be asphalting the streets late next week depending on the weather. Natural gas will be installed in a week after the curb concrete has cured. Landscaping will be done after the gas is put in. Rock excavation ended up being under what was projected by Delta 3 at 644 cubic yards, this will save the city $600. Pay application #4 for W. C. Stewart of Dubuque, Iowa in the amount of $197,226 was approved.
    •Water Street reconstruction – project is completed. The project is $8,000 above the original contract price, due to additional sidewalk, curb and gutter that was removed and installed. Final and only pay application for Mandrell Excavating of Brodhead in the amount of $126,924 was approved contingent on the receiving all final lean waivers for all suppliers and subcontractors. All council members commented on how well the project went and only took four weeks.
Audio System
    Now that the Fuzzy’s Audio system equipment has been returned, the council is looking for another system to takes its place. Mayor Duane Wedige and Wayne Gerht traveled to Platteville to check out systems at Lifeline Audio Video Technologies of Platteville. It was stated Lineline provided a lot of good answers.
    Wedige announced, “Mr. Gerht has kindly offered to pay the difference of what was to be spent to Fuzzy’s and what the new system will cost at Lifeline.” The amounts are as follows: Fuzzy’s - $5,366, the new system from Lifeline - $9,699. The difference that Gehrt will pay is $4,335.
    The council discussed the package which includes six Bose speakers, six headworn wireless microphones, wireless headphones (for audience users), amplifiers and a single microphone. Docking station for recharging batteries was also discussed.
    More disparaging remarks about Fuzzy’s were said by Wedige.
    Alder Emmitt Reilly was concerned about getting into another system without checking to see if the system would meet the council’s needs. Reilly said, “We just went through an ordeal. I’d like to test it out before we bought it. We still haven’t addressed moving the table to have all council members facing the public.”
    Wedige responded, “I think if we get these new microphones, the table won’t be an issue.”
    Reilly said, “In the discussions I’ve had, no matter what the sound you have people still read lips. They coordinate both. I think everyone should be facing the crowd.” Reilly then threw out ideas on how to rearrange the meeting room.
    Alder Pat Heim said, “Why don’t we worry about the table until after we get the microphone and see if they work without changing the table.”
    Reilly said, “I’ll repeat myself. No matter what the sound, people still depend on reading lips. I think changing the table is imperative and both will work and make it the best.”
    Reilly asked if there was another municipality that uses this system so he could go and get a demonstration. Wedige said he would try to arrange that.
    A motion was made by Gloria Swenson and seconded by Alder Jim Paquette to order the new system from Lifeline at a total cost of $9,699. Motion was approved 3-1 with Reilly voting no.
Public Hearing
    A public hearing concerning assessing property owners for replacing sidewalks on a portion of the east side of South Sidney Street was held. No one was present and no objections were made. The hearing was closed.
Committee meetings:
    Streets: Discussed possible action regarding a water issue with MacNaughton property, looking into a solution for their problems; discussed replacing sidewalk at 317 W. Water Street at a cost of $805, plus curb boxes for two water mains, the city crew will do the work; discussed replacing or repairing a storm sewer basin on Water and Judgement Streets, both are structurally good; discussed adding handicap parking spots on Water Street, decided to not add a new spot; discussed 2019 budget. Library: Book sale will be this weekend; A new system will be implemented for the library; New sign for library drop off was presented.
In other business:
    •Fuzzy’s Audio billed the city $850 for labor and restocking fee. Paquette said, “We got ourselves into it, I guess we have to pay our way out-of-it. The bill would be paid.
    •Approved the bills of $105,801.
    •Approved 3-0, with Paquette abstaining, a beer garden permit for The Burg, LCC. The beer garden will be built in the Spring.
    •Approved a street maintenance report for South Sidney Street sidewalk assessments. The project is planned to be done this year,
    •Approved a temporary operator license for Molly Blackbourn.
    •Dan Morrissey of Advance Shullsburg asked to be on the agenda before budget time so they could request a donation from the city.