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Turn on the faucets in Hillsboro
City asks residents to keep water running to prevent freezing pipes
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While the snow and winds stirred up the area outside City Hall Monday night, the Hillsboro City Council held a “taking care of business” meeting and approved some necessary chores, while stressing the importance of citizens’ cooperation in limiting water pipe breaks.

Through notices posted in the city and plenty of good, old fashioned “word of mouth,” residents were asked to continually run a home faucet at about the width of a pencil until further notice to help avoid frozen pipes. The request also included a call to City Hall reporting the open faucet so that the extra water could be excluded from the customers’ next water bill.

The city received 200 calls on the issue from a total of 550 households, a figure that surprised and pleased City Administrator Adam Sonntag.

Amazingly, the new 5 to 7 percent water bill increase goes into effect at about the same time, so customers will have to understand that it will be included in that month’s unusual water bill formula.

Sonntag also reported that the open faucet operation should remain in effect even if there are some warmer days because the warmth will drive the frost line deeper into the ground where it can break more pipes.

Hillsboro is just one of many towns in this part of the state that have authorized the open faucet plan. Any questions should be directed to City Hall.

Planning team named

The Council also approved a resolution appointing City Officials to the City of Hillsboro Planning Team.

The team will review and plan for the use of an award from the State of Wisconsin Energy Office, the Planning Clean Energy Investments in Wisconsin Communities Program Grant.

The City of Hillsboro Officials appointed to the Energy Team are Liz Parish, Alderperson; Tom Hotek, Alderperson; Adam Sonntag, City Administrator; Lisa Johnson, City Treasurer; Mike Lange, Water and Sewer Department; and Terry Revels, City Street Department.

Other business

The Council also:

• Approved a Conditional Use Permit for Badger Chiropractic, owned by Jared Holthe, in a home at 621 Mechanic Street.

• Decided against purchasing terrorism insurance for the Joshua Sanford Field airport.

• Approved a resolution that includes a six-year plan for the Joshua Sanford Field and gives notice that the governing body contemplates requesting  Federal and/or State aid for airport improvements.