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Two Brooks-authored bills pass Legislature
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The past two meetings of the State Assembly have resulted in the passage of two bills authored by state Rep. Ed Brooks (R-Reedsburg). Both bills passed with bipartisan support on a voice vote.

The first removes state level restrictions that determined how much a town could spend on road repairs.

“Town officials are very aware of their budgets,” said Brooks. “I don’t believe that it’s right for the state to impose an archaic formula on towns that limits how much can be spent for road repairs.”
The second Brooks bill that passed prevents insurance companies from steering customers away from independent repair shops.

“Locally owned repair shops continue to thrive because people trust their work. People shouldn’t feel pressured to take their repairs elsewhere by an insurance company. The bill protects the consumer, and allows for a more level playing field.”

Both bills had passed the Senate, and now await Gov. Scott Walker’s signature.