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Union Street drainage still a problem in Shullsburg
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SHULLSBURG — The Shullsburg City Council had a large agenda on Wednesday, August 16 2017. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Gloria Swenson.
    The Union Street storm sewer has been a dilemma for Shullsburg for a number of years. A television crew was in Shullsburg to televise the pipes and the city elected not to use the cameras as the company’s facilitator said it looked clear.
    Bart Nies of Delta 3 in Platteville spoke on the issue. Nies stated that in 2015 his company presented the city with “quick and simple partial assistance” to remedy the problem at that time. At that time the city spent $12,000. Nies said, “The problem happens when historic rains of five inches per hour come and overloads the system. When capacity is reached, the water will seek it’s own level and will come out in the lowest area and that area is at Union Street near the mobile homes.”
    After discussion at the Street Committee it was recommended to do a complete analysis of the entire drainage basin determining where the issues are and determine the best place to put the city’s dollars to make improvements, if improvements are needed. A motion was made to have Delta 3 perform a storm water analysis and study on the southwest quadrant of the city’s drainage basin for a cost of $6,000 - $7,000. Approved.
    Committee Reports:
    •Water – finishing up curb stops; good marks on the DNR survey.
    •Sewer – rate increase is being discussed; reading flow meters problems; phosphorous building was discussed; issues with White Hill Cheese.
    •Electric – transformers for Silver Lanes Apartments has been ordered; will do an analysis for future projects.
    •Streets – discussed and approved sealcoating the parking lot by the Veteran’s Memorial the cost will be $1,180.
    •Police – Burg Fest went really well.
    In other business:
    •Approved paying the bills for General, Water, Sewer, Electric, Pool, Museum, Library and TIFF Finds in the amount of $00,000, minus the FloRite bill which will be checked on.
    •Approved paying Maddrell Excavating for the Iowa, Estey & Oates Street reconstruction project, the final payout order was submitted and the only change order submitted. The change order amounted to $18,300 addition monies, of which $15,000 was to replace poor subgrade soil. The project was estimated at $1,308,000 and the final figure on the project, with change-orders was $1,328,000. The project is being funded by a DNR Loan of $850,000 and CBDG Grant of $500,000.
    •Approved hiring Municode to perform a book/system of coding and organizing the ordinances of the city, at a cost of $9,275 with a $1,195 annual fee.
    •No action taken on replacing trash cans.
    •Approved a class B combination liquor application for Robin Schrear of Water Street Place
    •Approved a temporary operators licenses applications for Diane Weiskircher.
    •Approved a temporary class B license for St. Matthews Church for Fall Festival.
    •Discussed the city’s purchase policy and will bring it back to the next meeting. The current purchase policy is a maximum of $250.
    •No action was taken regarding the Parkview Residential development. The city’s attorney on this project is Paul Johnson and he has rendered his opinion. This opinion is now being reviewed by Jack McCoy’s attorney Nathan Russell and will come back to the next meeting.
    •Approved changing cell phones for all city employees from U.S. Cellular to Verizon.
    •Alder Kory Ritterbusch stated he will be done with the Badger Park tree inventory soon.
    •Discussed storm damage and possible FEMA reimbursement.
    Public comments:
    •Wayne Gehrt asked when the wooden park equipment would be sealed. Summer is almost over. Duane Wedige, council member said he’s been in contact with Jason Weiskircher and he said it’s on his schedule to be done.
    •Verne Jackson, long time City of Shullsburg employee retired Friday, Aug. 18 and was honored by the city.
    •Larry Gobrecht spoke, his main points where: a fence is not required to have a building permit – challenged by Wedige; maintains in April there was only a four inch gap under the fence (and now it’s eight and a half inches); survey markers have not been replaced; no easement was never obtained for any of the landscaping; the landscaping company refuses to take fences out; Mark Doyle was always aware of the problem; read the contract with Delta 3.
    •An issue regarding an easement on property.