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Wage increases for hospital managers being considered
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    At a recent human resource committee meeting for Lafayette County held on Wednesday, August 14 the discussion and possible action regarding “hospital manager salary updates” was listed as an agenda item.
    However, that item was tabled until a future meeting of the committee due to what county clerk, Linda Bawden felt was an issue of confusing wording in the language describing the item.
    The agenda item was listed as being salary updates for several manager positions at the Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County.
    “When you do an agenda, a person, any person has to look at this and know what it’s about,” said Bawden. “Well a salary update I think is different than a resolution creating a position with an increase. This is not an update, I feel,” said Bawden of the resolutions presented at the meeting.
    The agenda item would have been looking at changing several manager positions at the hospital from hourly positions to salaried positions, with the updated salaries reflecting an increase in hourly wage, according to the proposed resolutions that were presented to committee members at the meeting on August 14.
    Julie Chikowski, Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County administrator, who was present at the meeting, said of the proposed changes, “There’s an increase in their salary amount, but it’s actually a decrease for our cost this year.”
    These changes were discussed at the Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County board meeting on July 24 and were then passed on to the human resource committee.
    Since the item was tabled at the human resource committee meeting on August 14, this item is to be put on the agenda for next month’s human resource committee meeting, which is scheduled for September 11 at 9:30 a.m. in the Lafayette County board room in the courthouse.
    If the committee approves the changes at that time, the issue will then go before the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors for consideration. The next county board of supervisors meeting will take place after the scheduled human resource committee meeting in September.