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Jon-Dee Acres WGLR Farm Family of the Year
WGLR Farm Fam
Members of the WGLR Farm Family of the Year include (from left) Shelly and Dave Osterndorff, Lou Vosberg, Sheila Ruchti of Livingston State Bank, WGLR Farm Director Bob Middendorf, Deanna and John Merwin, and Audra Kuhls.

Jon–Dee Acres LLC of Livingston is the WGLR Farm Family of the Year.

John and Deanna Merwin began farming in the Livingston area more than 50 years ago.  They raised three children, who have all been involved in the farm over the years.

Clayton milks cows on the home farm; his wife Nancy is a teacher in the Cuba City School District.

Shelly Osterndorff works at a law office in Mount Horeb, and raises calves and steers on the farm. She is the Town of Clifton clerk and an adult 4-H leader.  Shelly’s husband David works for Burnham Lumber.

Audra Kuhls works at Lands’ End. her husband Ryan is a mechanic at Fillback Ford Inc.

John and Deanna have seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

The Merwin family owns 400 acres of land and rents 150 additional acres. They plant 170 acres of corn, 120 acres of beans, and 150 acres of hay. Seventy cows are milked on the home farm. All replacement heifers are raised. They presently have 100 steers on full feed.

In addition to farming and raising their family, John is a licensed auctioneer, owning and operating his own auction business. Deanna also worked at the Farm Service Agency for many years. They devoted their lives to the land, raising their family and being involved in their community and 4-H.

Upon retirement, John and Deanna purchased a house in Livingston and enjoy their grandchildren and dancing whenever the chance arises.

This entire family can be found volunteering their time to their community, including volunteering at church, leading a 4-H group, cooking in the Lions Food Stand, and planting flowers in the park.