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Kickapoo Valley Open horseshoe tournament results
CROP horseshoes
GUNNER DAVID pitched shoes against Russ Brockway of Gays Mills during the first ever Kicka-poo Valley Open Sanc-tioned Tournament held on July 1. Gunner took the win for Class A with seven wins.

GAYS MILLS - With a lot of help from a lot of people, the first sanctioned horseshoe match ever in Gays Mills was held on Saturday, July 1 and the Kickapoo Valley Open was a raging success by all accounts.

Clubs and pitchers from all around the state of Wisconsin came together to make the event possible.

Bun Carly from Richland Center donated use of the scoreboards, which have traveled for many years to area pits. Harry Heisz helped with the fence and Paul Heisz helped with pit preparation.

Local participating members included Paul Heisz, Jim Maybee and Tom Stratt, who all joined in as pacers.

 There were also many members of the Kickapoo Valley Club who showed their support at the event.

It is hoped that in the future more can be done to make the Kickapoo Valley Open an annual event.

To learn more check out the Wisconsin Horseshoe Pitchers Association website.

The following is the scoring for the Kickapoo Valley Open Horseshoes Event.


Class A:

1.        Gunner David seven wins zero losses-68.21%

2.        Leo Richter six wins one loss- 56.07%

3.        Jeff Mauthe five wins two losses- 34.64%

Class B:

1.     Butch Kohnen three wins four losses- 34.28%

2.     Al Halloway two wins five losses- 40.71%

3.     Rich Weller two wins five losses- 33.92%

Class C:

1.     Karl David six wins one loss- 27.5%

2.     Tami Wild five wins two losses- 31.78%

3.     Dave Volz four wins three losses- 32.14%

Class D

Riley Wild four wins three losses- 35.71%

Will Fillback six wins one loss- 8.21%