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Manor generator project revving
A new generator is in place at the Lafayette County Manor. The project will be completed by the end of August. A landscaping project to 'hide' the generator and to beatify the Manor grounds is also underway.

DARLINGTON – The Lafayette Manor meeting held Tuesday, June 25, 2019 was called to order by chairman Larry Ludlum.

Manor Administrator Peggy Rolli spoke about the generator project which is well underway.

Roelli said, “Pieper Electric of Middleton has been moving right along on the project. The generator is in place and much of the maintenance area wiring has been completed. They are rewiring the residences rooms. We will be relocating the residence in groups of three while the work is being done. We’re told it will take thirteen days on one floor and eleven days on the other floor. The project will be completed by the end of August 2019.”

The generator project was bid at $322,381.

Finance Manager Christine Tabaka said, “The Pieper Electric people have been very accommodating and easy to work with.”

Manor Foundation

Committee member Scott Pedley at a previously suggested Lafayette County Manor set up a foundation.

Pedley said, “What I hoped to accomplish at this meeting, is seeking council that specializes in the creation of a foundation, where-by Manor board and administration personnel could meet with the attorney. I believe the attorney would need to be approved by Lafayette County corporation council.”

Pedley continued, “For people that have a absolute love for Lafayette Manor for the great things that get done for a family member that is here or was here. That there is a specific place where their donations can be made. This could be a resource for the Manor in the future.”

A motion was made to authorize the chairman to seek out legal council for purposes of the establishment of a 501(c)(3) Lafayette Manor Foundation. The motion was approved.

Manor Finances

Another good report was given by Tabaka. For May 2019 revenue was above budget by $153,242 and expenses are under budget by $34,301. The great news is that the budgeted levy through May for the Manor is $141,131 and that amount still has not been used. In fact, the Manor is at a net income of $46,412 for the end of May.

Tabaka also passed out a handout that compared private pay daily room rates that showed Lafayette County Manor at the very bottom compared to 55 other area nursing facilities. The daily charge for a private room at the Manor is $220.

In other Manor business:

•Overtime for May was $5,609; this is down from April at $7,901.

•Staffing since the May meeting - two new hires. Currently the Manor has 88 employees - 39 full-time, 9 part-time and 40 fill-in status.

•Lanscaping project has begun plans.

•Joint Hospital – Manor meeting. Rolli said, “We had a very positive meeting with the hospital. A committee was selected and will be meeting in Aug. It’s early stages of planning for our end of life structures and we’re excited about moving forward on this.”

•Annual Survey from the state came in with only a few items that needed correction. None of them were for substandard care. None of the items required a revisit. A plan of correction will be returned by the third of July.

•Approved a resolution to transfer two bank accounts from Associated Bank to First National Bank at Darlington. This will need to go to the County Board for approval.

•Smoking policy. The Manor is currently smoke free. Currently there are no residents that smoke. A change to a smoke-free campus and a policy not to accept a resident that smoked was discussed. After discussion no changes to the policy were made.