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Memorial Day honors veterans sacrifice
CROP laying wreth
THE LADIES OF THE AUX-ILIARY had some help from the younger set while placing wreaths during the Dedication of Monuments during the Memorial Day event in Gays Mills.

Although the breeze kept a chill in the air, the sun was out for the Memorial Day celebration in Gays Mills.

Families with small children and Veterans lined up along the streets of Gays Mills to watch the brief Memorial Day Parade.

The North Crawford High School Band provided music for the event that marched down Main Street in the village.

Following the pa,rade bystanders and members of the American Legion and Auxiliary met with the public in the Gays Mills Cemetery.

The work put into maintaining the cemetery was obvious as it was perfectly manicured. Blooming irises coupled with wreathes, flags and other adornments dotted the gravesites throughout the humble cemetery.

Invocation and prayer was lead by Alan McCormick, which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The North Crawford High School Band played the ‘Star Spangled Banner,’ for the crowd. The community members in the crowd softly sang the lyrics while others stood stoic.

Sergeant First Class and lifelong Soldiers Grove resident Jeff Olson delivered the Memorial Day Address to the crowd.  Olson shared that he was deployed to Afghanistan during 2012-13.

“Memorial Day is a solemn day of reflection,” Olson told the crowd. “It is a time to remember the sacrifices of service men and women and the countless lives that were lost.”

Olson touched on the 100-year anniversary of World War One which occurred this year.

“The world had never seen such causalities at such mass,” Olson said. “This Memorial Day we must pause and reflect on such causalities.”

Olson also invited everyone to remember that Memorial Day is not a day to celebrate, but to honor.

“Let us never forget the lessons or cost of war,” Olson said. “Or the men and women who pay the price of war in blood. Memorial Day is not about barbeques, furniture sales and beer, it’s about remembering those who served. Let us never forget the cost of war.”

The North Crawford High School Band played another selection following Olson’s moving speech.

The Ladies of the Legion Auxiliary placed the wreathes on the decorated war memorial, this was followed by the benediction delivered by Alan McCormick.

A Salute to the Departed Comrades and Taps finished out the fine ceremony.

Similar Memorial Day Ceremonies were held in Soldiers Grove, Readstown and many other communities around the area and across the country on Monday.