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Nerison encourages attendance at spring hearings
People will cast votes on proposed hunting/fishing rule changes and advisory questions
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State Rep. Lee Nerison (R-Westby) encourages anyone who is interested in natural resources, conservation, hunting, fishing, trapping or outdoor recreation in Wisconsin to attend the upcoming annual Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Spring Fish and Wildlife Public Hearings and annual Conservation Congress county meetings April 14.

At the meetings, people cast non-binding votes on proposed hunting and fishing rule changes and advisory questions.  Individuals can also bring forward resolutions to let the Department of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Board, and Conservation Congress know about conservation issues that they would like to see addressed. County residents can also run for election as their county’s representative to the congress to be able to represent their county’s views regarding natural resources.

“This is a good chance for folks to make their voices heard on issues affecting our natural resources.  Before the DNR proposes changes to hunting and fishing rules and other conservation issues in our state, they look at these spring hearing votes,” Nerison said.

Area meetings will be held at the following places, all beginning at 7 p.m:

Crawford County: Prairie du Chien High School (Auditorium), 800 E. Crawford St.,  Prairie du Chien.

Monroe County: Meadowview School (Cafetorium), 1225 N. Water St., Sparta.

Vernon County: Viroqua High School (Commons), 100 Blackhawk Drive, Viroqua.

For more information about the spring hearing process and proposals, visit