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North Crawford Chorus and Band perform at District Solo and Ensemble
CROP HS Solo and Ensemble
NORTH CRAWFORD CHORUS AND BAND stu-dents competed in District Solo and Ensemble on March 25 at Westby High School.

North Crawford High School Chorus and Band students competed in District Solo and Ensemble on March 25 at Westby High School. The students, who received a starred first rating in Class A, competed at the State competition at Viterbo on May 6. North Crawford students performed very well and had a successful day. The talented accompanists were Bill Kvigne, Julie Wedeberg, Holly Jones, David Gibbs, and Tamara Wirts. North Crawford had 11 entries at the state competition. Congratulations to the following students.

Class A – Starred First ratings –Dylan Ghormley-bass solo, Eloise Williamson-theater solo, Eloise Williamson-soprano solo, Tristan-bass solo, Dylan Ghormley and Tristan-vocal duet, Lexi Mack and Elena Esparza-vocal duet, Dylan Ghormley-clarinet solo, Mattie Barr-alto solo, Mattie-theater solo, Elena Esparza-alto solo, and Eloise Williamson, Mattie Barr, Jordan Finnell, Taylor Furo, and Paige Halverson-vocal ensemble.

Class A – First ratings – Martha Bransky-alto solo, Allison Anderson-alto solo, Tristan Peters-theater solo, Paige Halverson-alto solo, Dylan Ghormley-theater solo, Rachael Peterson-soprano solo, Taylor Furo-alto solo, Martha Bransky, Elena Esparza, and Brennah Ghormley-vocal trio, and Eloise Williamson, Mattie Barr, Tristan Peters, Cheyanna Wahburn, Rebecca Spencer, and Dylan Ghormley-percussion ensemble 

Class A – Second ratings – Madde Chamberlain and Cheyanna Washburn-vocal duet, Jordan Finnell-alto solo, Jordan Finnell-theater solo, Tristan Peters, Mattie Barr, and Kylie Heisz-piano trio, Kenny Spencer, Dylan Ghormley, Martha Bransky, and Faith Morga-clarinet trio, Allison Anderson-trumpet solo, Lyrica Marks-flute solo, Mattie Barr-piano solo, Faith Morga-clarinet solo, Tristan Peters-tenor sax solo, Cheyanna Washburn-flute solo, and Kenny Spencer-sax solo, and Cheyanna Washburn, Lyrica Marks, Brennah Ghormley, Riley Chellevold, Emily Hanson, Hallie Toedter, and Rachael Peterson-flute choir. 

Class B – First ratings – Taylor Furo and Gavin Forkash-mixed duet, Naomi Cobb and Collin McBride-mixed duet, Gavin Forkash-bass solo, Liam Dull-bass solo, Collin McBride-bass solo, Kenny Spencer-bass solo, Gavin Forkash and Kenny Spencer-vocal duet, Caleb Dull, Macenzie Hanson, Katie Schellhorn, Kenny Spencer, Gavin Forkash, Jasmine File, and Grady Stovey-percussion ensemble, and Katie Schellhorn and Rachael Peterson-vocal duet.

Class B – Second ratings – Jasmine File-alto solo, Naomi Cobb-alto solo, Lexi Mack, Madde Chamberlain, and Allison Anderson-vocal trio, Katie Schellhorn-soprano solo, Clayton Herfel and Grace Corlis-sax duet, and Hallie Toedter and Preston Herfel-flute/clarinet duet.   

Class C – First ratings – Ariel Tiderman-alto solo, Faith Morga and Liam Dull-mixed duet, Ayzhan Berdalina-alto solo, Eloise Williamson and Jordan Finnell-piano duet, Lindsey Stevenson-piano solo, and Katie Schellhorn-piano solo.

Class C – Second ratings – Emily Hanson-piano solo.