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Following the hearts to happiness
happy heart
Norah Swanson, daughter of Mindy Swanson, is seen here decorating the window of Sharon Foley's home in Darlington. Foley, along with several people from around the area, is participating in the "Happy Heart Hunt".

LAFAYETTE COUNTY – Sick of being stuck inside? When the weather is nice, go out and take walk. You never know what you might find. But one thing you might find that you never thought you would before are hearts.

A teacher from Milton in Rock County started a Facebook group called Happy Heart Hunt after she began missing her students and wanted to show her students and the community that we are still connected even though we are not given that social interaction that we so crave.

The Facebook group has gathered over 88,000 people from all over the world. Here in Lafayette County, several homes in several communities have joined in the craze and plastered their homes, lawns and barns with the hearty decorations.

The heart is the symbol for affection and emotion, something we may all be missing since we are confined to our homes and not allowed to have that interaction with others. We are told so many things we can’t do but there are still so many things we can do and fortunately one of them is take a walk and go find some hearts. Take a picture and journal about them. Write a poem or talk about how it made you feel when you saw one. Tally up how many you can find and make a chart with how many homes have certain colors. Be creative in making your own heart design for others to enjoy.

This is a time that none of us have been through before so we all need to work together to get through this. We will get through this.