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Vernon and Crawford County Boards each have one contested election
Crawford County Administration Building

CRAWFORD AND VERNON COUNTIES - Wisconsin voters will gather at the polls across the state this spring with a mix of local, state and national issues on April 7.

Along with local elections, voters can expect to can expect to cast a vote for their party’s candidate for the 2020 presidential election, and a State Supreme Court justice.

A primary will be held on Feb. 18 for the State Supreme Court races.

Crawford County Board

There is currently no candidate on the ballot in District 1(Prairie du Chien, 1st Ward): Geri Kozelka is not running, and no one has filed papers of candidacy. Also not running are Henry ‘Buzz’ Esser, District 2 (Prairie du Chien, 2nd & 7th Wards), and Kersten Rocksvold, District 3 (Prairie du Chien, 3rd Ward). 

Linda Munson has filed papers and will be on the ballot to represent District 2. Edward Hayes-Hall has filed papers and will be on the ballot to represent District 3.

District 14 (Town of Eastman Ward 2, Marietta, Town of Wauzeka Ward 2, and Village of Steuben) will have the first contested county board election in a few years. Incumbent Gari Lorenz will face grassfed beef farmer Jeff Robinson.

For all other races, the incumbent is running uncontested as follows:

Brad Steiner - District 4

Duane Rogers - District 5

Carl Orr - District 6

David Olson - District 7

Mary Kuhn - District 8

Wade Dull - District 9

Donald Stirling - District 10

Wayne Jerrett - District 11

Larry Kelley - District 12

Greg Russell- District 13

Gerald Krachey- District 15

Derek Flansburgh - Distrist 16

Tom Cornford - District 17

Vernon County Board

This spring, there is one contested race for Vernon County Board. Incumbent Justin Running, who represents District 15, is being challenged by Alicia L. Leinberger.

Jim Servais, who represents District 5, is not seeking re-election. Kyle Semke filed papers to run for that seat.

The other candidates, all of whom are incumbents, are District 1 Will Beitlich, District 2 David Strudthoff, District 3 JoAnn Nickelatti, District 4 Mary Rae, District 6 Lorn Goede, District 7 Mary Bringe, District 8 Rod Ofte, District 9 Cary Joholski, District 10 David Eggen, District 11 Garrick Olerud, District 12 Eric Evenstad, District 13 Dennis Brault, District 14 Kevin Larson, District 16 Alycann Taylor, District 17 Mary L. Henry, District 18 Roger Call, District 19 Mike Leis, District 20 Adrian Amelse, District 21 Darrel Clark, District 22 Frank Easterday, District 23 Ole Yttri, District 24 Glenda Sullivan, District 25 Gail Muller, District 26 Dave Williams, District 27 Kelli Mitchell, District 28 Kay Stanek and District 29 Shawn Redington.