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Properties, hiring and more tackled by council
The City of Fennimore
Lot lines, TIF, and hiring were all covered during the Sept. 23 meeting of the Fennimore City Council.
As part of the meeting Fennimore Police Chief Chris French shared his report with the council.
“We will not be participating  in the 2020 D.O.T. High Visibility Enforcement grant,” French shared. “Officers are worn out from working excessive overtime this summer and do not want to work anymore extra shifts. This grant reimbursed the city for wages associated with officers working overtime to enforce traffic laws in Fennimore as part of a county wide task force.”
On the administrative side of the department, French noted that they are still “managing grants, trying to find ways to keep the liaison program alive and find budget savings for a sixth officer.”
It was also noted that the department received another $4,000 traffic enforcement grant (the second grant this year.)  
“This money must be used to purchase equipment associated with traffic enforcement/safety,” the report shared. “We plan on using the money to purchase body cameras. Our current body cameras are four years old and will need replacing in the near future anyway. The new cameras will eventually integrate with the new squad video camera we will have to purchase for the next squad in 2021.”
One thing of concern addressed in the report again touched on potential employees.
“We have applicant moving forward in the part time officer hiring process,” the report shared. “This applicant has been up front and informed us they are actively seeking full time employment but will accept part time hours until hired elsewhere.”
Mayor Ryan Boebel noted during the meeting that the city has begun the interviewing process for the Director of Public Works position.
“They seemed okay enough that we invited the person back for a second interview,” Boebel said.
Discussion was had once again regarding the Certified Survey Maps (CSM) approval for 640 Lincoln Avenue and Dollar General.
“For years the museum was partially on the Lumber Yard property,” Boebel explained. “The CSM was willing to move lot lines to allow the tracks and sign to stay and potentially space for a mural.”
Representatives handling the purchase shared that they felt it was a “win/win” to “clean up  the lot lines and leave things as is,” when it came to the lines encroaching on the railroad museum.
“We got creative with the site plan to allow that to happen, it’s a real win/win,” the representative shared.
The new CSM was approved by the council.
Sarah Pitts from Vierbircher was present to discuss boundary changes for TIF #6.
After much discussion, the council agreed to expand the TIF boundaries to include the east side of Jefferson between 4th and 5th Street and down to Jefferson to 8th Street west to Madison up to 4th street.
There was mention by Mayor Boebel during the discussion of “Potentially two sizeable projects coming down the road.”
Alder Pete Adam shared with the council that the old recycling shed at the Oakwood Nature Recreation Area will be turned into an indoor use facility. This facility will be for use by the Youth Rec groups.
“We have a shed that has been cleaned out and looking to re-purpose it to be in alignment  with the use of Oakwood park,” Adam shared.

It was noted that some work has already been done on the building, with some more to do. The Youth Wrestling and Baseball are projected to share the space and will maintain its upkeep going forward.