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CAFO Study Group report presented to board
Crawford County Board of Supervisors
Crowd at Dec 2019 CC BOS meeting
IT WAS QUITE A CROWD that gathered at the De-cember 2019 meeting of the Crawford County Board of Supervisors. Citizens attended the meeting to speak, and observe as the board took up the decision about whether to enact a one year moratorium on approval of CAFO livestock facility siting permits in the county. The board enacted a CAFO Moratorium at that meeting.

CRAWFORD COUNTY - The CAFO Study Group held what was potentially their last meeting on Friday, Oct. 9. The purpose of their meeting was to finalize the study group’s report for the Crawford County Board of Supervisors.

The CAFO Study Group’s report can be viewed and downloaded online at:

Additional appendices are available at:

The report went to the Crawford County Land Conservation Committee for review and approval on Tuesday, Oct. 13. County Conservationist Dave Troester, UW-Extension Community Development Coordinator Jessica Jane Spayde, and Crawford Stewardship Project’s Forest Jahnke presented the report to the Crawford County Board at their meeting coming on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

Almost 20 citizens were present at the virtual meeting anticipating the opportunity to provide public input at the meeting. However, apparently the ‘public input’ agenda item has been permanently stricken from the county board’s agenda. The theory, apparently, is that county board supervisors are available to receive input from their constituents outside of county board meetings. Some questioned whether this is legal, and whether it is consistent with the spirit of American democracy.

To find a listing of Crawford County Board Supervisors, and their contact information, go to: