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Committee disburses nearly $86,000 in flood relief funds
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The city of Boscobel helped organize a group of local citizens who now make up the Long Term Recovery Committee charged with gathering and distributing donations to help homeowners affected by the massive flooding of June 22-23, 2013. That committee’s work is now nearly complete.

“The group was nominated by the city and is filled with church members and local citizens that wanted to help out,” said Steve Braun, Grant County Emergency Management Director.

The group has raised a total of $104,233, money made possible through donations, a significant contribution from the Chamber of Commerce and some grants. Out of the money that was raised, $61,833 has been paid out to date and $23,900 is awaiting receipts or for work to be completed—bringing the total amount of disbursements to $85,733.

There is still $18,500 left for future disbursements. Braun feels that the committee when they first gave out money only gave about 30 to 50 percent to help people, in case others who were waiting for aid were unable to achieve it. Now, they are probably going to go back and reexamine applications of the people who may need more help.

“They want to spread the money out the best they can so they are able to help as many people as possible,” Braun said.

A total of 76 families received some sort of financial flood relief, including 40 with funds from the Long Term Recovery Committee, 24 through the Emergency Assistance Program and 12 through other sources.

There were other families that had applied for assistance, but 10 applications had to be declined. The 10 applications were declined due to the following reasons: it was a rental property, home was a vacation or secondary home, damage was pre-existing, damage was minimal/did not meet threshold for aid and/or the damage was crop damage.

There is currently not a time table set for when the other $18,500 left in the fund will be distributed at this time.