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Computer glitch causes problems at Boscobel prison
Supermax II

A computer “glitch” the weekend of June 24-25 has resulted in significant operational problems at the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility, according to affected staff members who did not wish to be identified, although Department of Corrections spokesman Tristan Cook insisted security was never compromised at the Boscobel prison.

“Severe weather caused minor damage to the facility,” Cook wrote in a June 28 e-mail. “The minor damaged did not degrade institution security nor did it significantly affect institution operations.

However, the “surge” that occurred the evening of June 24 did knock out surveillance cameras, hallway intercoms and the ability to open and close doors electronically, particularly in the restrictive or segregated housing units of Alpha and Foxtrot.
“We believe it was weather-related,” said Warden Gary Boughton during a June 29 tour of the facility. “It affected the doors in Alpha and Foxtrot, which couldn’t be opened electronically.”


For the complete article, please see the July 13, 2017 issue of the Boscobel Dial.