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Five taken to hospital for side effects of synthpot
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(UPDATED 9:45 p.m.)Five individuals - four teenagers and a 55-year-old - were rushed to the hospital after being affected by Synthetic Cannabinoids, or synthetic marijuana, Monday evening.

On Aug. 31, at 7:19 p.m. the Lancaster Police Department and Lancaster EMS were paged to 431 N. Madison St. for a person seizing. 

When the first officer arrived onscene, the officer found another person seizing, and called for more assistance. A third person showed lesser , but serious symptoms, with the first two suffering seizing, vomiting, unconsciousness, and combative behavior.

Two more individuals were identified that were experiencing irregular symptoms deemed dangerous by emergency responders onscene.  In total, five subjects were transported to Grant Regional Health Center. 

Located inside the basement where the incident occurred was synthetic marijuana and numerous pieces of drug paraphernalia.  Through talking with several subjects involved it was learned that all five subjects transported to the hospital had just smoked synthetic marijuana. 

There is an ongoing investigation regarding this incident.  The Lancaster Police Department was assisted by the Grant County Sheriff’s Department, Lancaster EMS, Lancaster Fire and Fennimore EMS.

Sometimes known by one of the names it had been branded under - spice - synthetic marijuana has been sold in some states - Wisconsin made it illegal in 2011 however. Some experts consider the name synthetic marijuana incorrect as it affects the body very differently, and can cause numerous negative reactions. The drug is built to be a full agonist, which bonds recepters.

In Colorado in 2013, three people overdosed and died on synthetic cannabinoids.


NOTE - Story updated to state correct address. The original press release stated 341 N. when it should have been 431 N.