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Parents who host lose
Sheriffs Department, Platteville police, S.A.F.E. work to curb drinking parties
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The S.A.F.E. Grant County Coalition, the Grant County Sheriff’s Department and the Platteville Police Department have joined forces to prevent adult hosted drinking parties in Grant County using the Parents Who Host Lose the Most: Don’t Be a Party to Teenage Drinking campaign.

Parents Who Host Lose the Most is a community effort that alerts parents to the legal and health related consequences of purchasing, providing or pouring alcohol for anyone younger than 21, other than their own child. As part of the campaign, coalition members will be providing information about the dangers of underage drinking, the legal consequences of hosting underage drinking in your home and how parents and other family members can host safe and fun alcohol-free events for youth.

“Adults who think taking keys away when providing alcohol to youth are placing both the youth and their financial future in jeopardy,” said Kathy Marty, S.A.F.E. Grant County Coalition project director. “Alcohol-related drownings, falls, and suicides, kill hundreds of teens each year.

“Parents should be aware that most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t extend liability coverage for illegal activities. If parents purchase, pour, or provide alcohol for youth, they put their financial future at risk. In addition, there are adverse effects on the teens’ brain development when they drink alcohol.”

“Underage alcohol parties are not only illegal but they also risk the safety of the citizens of our community,” said Platteville Police Lt. Jeff Haas. “That is why the Platteville Police Department takes a zero-tolerance stance when it comes to enforcement of underage alcohol parties and those providing alcohol to the underage person.”

“The Grant County Sheriff’s Department takes underage drinking and the adults who sell or serve alcohol to youth very seriously,” said Grant County Sheriff’s Sgt. Brian Bierman. “Individuals who purchase, provide or pour alcohol for anyone under age 21, except their own child, are breaking the law and can be charged under state or municipal law.”

In addition to the planned public information effort, the Grant County Sheriff’s Department and the Platteville Police Department will continue to coordinate and conduct alcohol age compliance checks in the county to confirm that local vendors comply with laws prohibiting the sales of alcohol to anyone younger than 21. The Grant County Sheriff’s Department will continue to utilize its Underage Drinking Task Force via random patrols throughout Grant County.

“Underage drinking is illegal, has long term health consequences, and is a factor in all five of the leading causes of death among youth,” said Marty. “We want this to be a happy prom and commencement season; underage drinking shouldn’t be part of that picture.”