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Police find counterfeit $100 bill
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On Monday, Platteville police received a complaint concerning a counterfeit $100 bill passed at a city business.

According to police, the paper stock of the bill accepts the security pen ink, leading one to believe the bill. Police say the bill has a serial number of KF26718807A and a series year of “2006” “A.”

According to police, the ink for the serial numbers is blotchy.  A real bill will contain inked serial numbers that are defined and sharp. The counterfeit bill has a background color for the portraits on the front and back of the bill that are grayish-purple. The actual color should be a tone of green.

The counterfeit bill also has a security strip (to the left of Ben Franklin’s portrait) that runs vertically through the bill.  The security strip is visible when the bill is placed flat on a solid surface. This security strip for a real bill should only be visible when held up to a light source.

The counterfeit bill also has the eyes and lips of Franklin’s water mark that are dark and solid. These features on a real bill are less defined.

Police do not have a suspect. Anyone with information is asked to call police, 348-2313.