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Runaway buggy causes damage in Darlington
Buggy - flipped
A runaway buggy damaged six cars (including a Darlington Police squad) before overturning in a parking lot off of Main Street in Darlington on Wednesday, May 14.

 A runaway horse and buggy damaged six vehicles including a Darlington Police Department squad before overturning in a business parking lot off of Main Street in Darlington on Wednesday, May 14.
    The unmanned horse and buggy were discovered traveling northbound on Galena St. by Darlington Police Officer Steven Messner on Wednesday morning at approximately 10:30 a.m.
    According to a press release from the Darlington Police Department (DPD), the horse and buggy crossed the Main Street bridge and continued traveling northbound into the downtown business district area.  
    When Officer Messner attempted to block the horse and buggy from continuing to travel up Main Street, the buggy struck the DPD vehicle, a 2010 Ford Explorer, causing minor damage.
    Eventually the buggy overturned in a business parking lot adjacent to Main Street, spilling its contents of gasoline and paint. The horse was ultimately captured by Messner in the parking lot and was discovered to be unharmed.
    Investigation into the matter revealed that the horse was tied up about a mile south of the incident location by its owner, Elam S. Allgyer, 31, of Darlington, according to the DPD press release.  It is believed something spooked the horse and it was able to free itself, said the press release.