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Smoke causes alarm at Southwest Health Center
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A Platteville firefighter examines an electrical panel that shorted, causing smoke at the hospital Tuesday morning. - photo by Photo by Tom Covert

Administrative operations at Southwest Health Center in Platteville were disrupted for almost an hour Tuesday morning after an incident at the hospital’s construction site.

According to a Southwest Health Center news release, a construction crew doing excavation work on the hospital addition “dislodged some electrical conduit” at about 7:50 a.m. That resulted in a short in electrical panels in the hospital’s lower-level administrative wing, and smoke entered administrative offices, triggering SHC’s automatic fire alarm.

Platteville firefighters and police cleared the scene at 8:45 a.m. Patient care and “all other functions are fully operational,” the release said. Electrical crews were replacing the lines Tuesday morning.

“At no time were any patients or staff in any danger,” the release said.

The hospital is working on a $7 million 20,000-square-foot expansion project, including a new women’s health center and orthopedic and sports medicine program, and expanded rehabilitation services.